Thursday, December 21, 2006

back in september...

this is what she looked like when i last posted, in september. we'll scan some pix from the october-current timeframe tonite. so glad to be back 'up!'

orange sherbert, yummy!

she is allllll texan!

okay, i may have figured out a way to rig this thing...i'll be adding some random pix as i try to figure it out, but i'm excited; we're getting there. still can't retreive anything previous, hmmmmm.

HOLY COW! i may have figured it out....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i'm back!!!!!!!!

hey everybody, if there IS anybody still out there checking this thing...good news, canon replaced our camera with a newer one, yippee! bad news, i'm still not able to post pictures. altho, i've had some good suggestions from you all and plan to implement them once the holiday season is over. thanks for hangin' with me!
i'm also unable to pull up any of my "previous posts" or "archives" has this happened to you? how do i get it back? this is crazy!!!!!!!!