Sunday, January 28, 2007

the babies r us crib story...

this poor girl! we'd travelled to phoenix for a week just prior to Christmas. then we spent a week in OK for Christmas. on the way back to TX, we stopped in OKC to use some gift certificates at babies r us...this girl was so wiped out-that when kevin jokingly asked her if she wanted to take a nap in one of the show-room beds, she leaned towards it and said 'yea!' so, here she is, enjoying a real bed finally-she'd spent the last two out of four weeks in a small pack n play-and she did NOT want to get out of this bed! so funny! what a trooper!

happy birthday, Jesus!

we celebrated Christmas with my family early, then went to tulsa a few days later to spend it with kevin's family. here's myah's cousin, cameron-it was the first time we'd met him and the first time they'd met myah. fun times!

fun with mom and dad

dressing like mommy-reading sports illustrated with daddy. aaahhh, life is good!

playin around the house

on the way to Oklahoma for my 1st Christmas!

gordon (& santa) family pictures

patient pookie and scooter!

here's myah, looking for scooter under the tree-then here's patient pookie sitting next to myah's dolly.

mmmm, starbucks at target!

i sure do enjoy my starbucks while shopping at target-so i tho't i'd let myah have a choc milk from there...let's just say she either loved it so much that she tried to drink it too fast, or she didn't like it at all...five seconds after this picture, she opened her mouth and obviously hadn't swallowed-it took me EIGHT times in the washer to get most of the stain out! lovely!
juice from her own sippy cup from now on! starbucks drinks are just for mommy! :)

reading with daddy

fun in the tub

after taking baths with the newell kids and with ana, myah started enjoying the freedom of not using the small tub she used to sit in. now she's such a big girl like her friends!

ready for winter!

i know, i know-i really need to learn how to rotate pix on here!

fun at home

she loves to read books! she's actually sitting in her book basket here, then playing with my bracelets, then 'pretend' talking to "ampa," a.k.a. grandpa. anytime she picks up a play or real phone, it's always 'ampa!' cute!

phoenix, az

here's myah outside the commissary back at luke AFB in phoenix. sadly, our good friend Troy Gilbert was killed in his F-16 in Iraq just 4 days after Thanksgiving. myah and i flew out to see Ginger Gilbert, as well as attend Troy's memorial. we stayed with friends Marc and Jenna-myah and their daughter, ana-had a blast. (myah STILL asks about ana! and i'm posting this at the end of january) kevin joined us several days later to also attend the service. it was a beautiful service and 25 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior during the service! we also enjoyed seeing many long-lost AF friends we hadn't seen in several years. myah and i visited our old church before kevin joined us and had fun seeing friends there as well. here are a few pix while in phoenix for the week. (this was the first week of december) the pix of the kids on the trampoline are myah, isabella and shelby. the first pix is with my good friend Sue-the one who helped find our 'verse' for myah (romans 15:13), helped us pick myah's middle name (hope) and who was with me the day we received 'thee call' from our adoption agency. (sorry, no pix of ana and myah; our camera was broken still, so i just had a disposable until kevin brought the new one)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

it snowed!!!!

this was just a week after Thanksgiving. sooo pretty, sooo cold!


HERE is the picture i was referring to when i said 'bath with friends' hee.hee.

we're so thankful! God is so good!

here are the chefs of the day.
our friends, the Newells also joined us for this special day.
after a huge, yummy meal-we roasted marshmallows around the fire pit.
after that-it was time for a bath with friends!

our 1st family Thanksgiving

here's our family and one with myah and her cousins, logan and jay.

an early Christmas present

when my parents came to visit a few weeks ago, they bought myah her very own table and chairs. she LOVES it and will sit there and color and babble for a long, long time! she will sit by herself for quite awhile, but likes it better when someone is sitting there coloring with her. now the hard part is teaching her not to take crayons out of someone's hand when they are coloring...hmmm, easier said than done!here are some pix of her and Grandma Gordon and Aunt Rhonda at Thanksgiving.

cheering for OOOO SSSSS UUUUUUU!

myah's 1st visit to Eskimo Joes!

for those of you who don't know-Eskimo Joes is one of the 'must see' (and eat) sights of oklahoma. okay, i just made that up-but it should be! it's in our college town of Stillwater, home of the cowboys-GO POKES! anyway, we went to visit our good college friends in late october-Brett, Julie, Emily and Leslie Miller. brett and kevin went to a football game; us girls just dressed in orange and went shopping. here's a few pix from the fun weekend...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

quack, quack (trick or treat)

picking out the perfect pumpkin. helping daddy carve an OSU pumpkin. ready to go get some candy!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

two men and a baby

this is now into november. my parents came down for a visit-to quench their myah-withdrawls! oops, i missed halloween...hang on...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

brinley cousins come to visit!

here's mason, hanna, myah and aspen playing so well together...
while they were all here (by the way, these are my brother/sis-in-law's kids)we had family pix taken; well, kids and grandkids, for a surprise Christmas gift to jason and my parents; will scan in some once we get our order in...