Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Gordon Four (and a half)

well, i knew that before baby #3 arrives-we needed to get a recent pix of us four, before we become five...here are a few of our faves...

august so far...

lovey eli. this little dude is one lovey boy. it's SO cute. anytime myah is laying down, or even sitting on the floor, he'll go over to her and just lay his head on her. SWEEEET!

next is Grandma Betty's 60th surprise bday party in enid. it was so neat and she was so surprised!

after that are a few pix of us at cousin Jay's 10th bday party in Tulsa, but i was trying to get eli to sleep when all the festivities were going on, so i didn't even get one pix of the bday boy. but here are a few of us hanging out by the pool; i included one of me holding eli, just to show my 'baby bump.' :) wow! i'm showing A LOT faster this time around.

on the way to Tulsa and Enid that weekend, we stopped in Stillwater for some much needed lunch at Eskimo Joes with friends Ryan, Jody and Cale Webber. Jody is a friend of mine from college and get this: their little man, Cale was also conceived from IVF; we call Cale and Eli our pitri-dish boys. ha! here's the great part, they are pg, too-this time, completely on their own, just like us! yea God!

then there are a few pix of myah and emma; it was fun putting all their hair stuff in, but taking em out that nite wasn't as fun :)

and lastly, here's eli in his high chair playing peek-a-boo. he'll be 11 months this saturday, we can't believe it. but he is SO much fun. we just sit and laugh hearing he and myah playing and giggling together. much fun!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

eli facts

here's the latest on the little man:
*he's 1o months old
*has 4 top teeth and 2 on the bottom
*is happy 99% of the time
*finally sleeps thru the nite
*laughs a lot at myah and daddy
*still gets lovey with mommy
*likes pulling myah's hair
*is cruising really well
*weighs only 5 lbs less than myah
*has a temper!
*LOVES bath time
*misses his grandparents!!!
*is such a wonderful addition to our family, thank you Jesus!


okay, so it's finally getting fun for these two: they've recently started having crawling chases around the living room/kitchen. eli gets so excited when she turns and starts chasing him that he practically screams and goes super fast-straight to either kevin or i. funny! he'll follow her into her room and they'll stay in there for quite awhile; allowing me to get a little bit of housework done. just yesterday, they started playing under his crib. myah and kevin used to 'camp' under there and now eli follows her under there and she LOVES it. in fact, she's yelling EIIII (her "L"-less version of eli) COME UNDER HEW! i think she thinks the louder she calls his name, the more likely he'll hear her and obey :) after a while, tho-i think his little head gets sore from banging it as he goes in and out. i'll try to attach video of it later. really cute! kevin chose ROCK BAND for his father's day gift, so here are also a few pix of he and myah rocking out. it's pretty fun and one nite after eli went to bed, she and kevin and i all played and at the very end, loud into the microphone, she said, "i'm rockin' with jennifer!" funny girl!

myah's ballet and tap

well, here's myah on her first day of tap/ballet. her nose was runnin like crazy, so she kept her kleenex with her the WHOLE time. ha. she's taken the class for a month now and seems to be liking it-but i think she's like me, the outfit is the funnest part about it! i told kevin my goal is just for her to stick it out thru the recital. it's all about the pictures, you know :)

4th of July

okay, okay-it's time to catch up. here are a few pix from the newell's house on the 4th.