Friday, December 05, 2008

wrapping up november

well, i'm posting this as woman of "advanced maternal age" now-as i turned 35 last week. if i weren't so hugely pg and so out of breath and didn't tire so easily, i'd say i didn't feel thirty-five, so i'm hoping once this baby is out-i can breathe normally again and not get exhausted just after changing eli's diaper-and i'll feel younger than the calendar shows! speaking of my bday-the last time i posted was the day before my bd and my parents had just visited us for the weekend. they went back to their home on sunday. i posted pix on the blog on monday. and on tuesday, my actual bd, i had a big ole surprise...

kevin first of all surprised me by taking not only tuesday off, but also wednesday, aaahhhh. nice!

we all went to myah's school for their Thanksgiving Family Feast, then to the park to play (see pix) and then home for naps. while the kiddos were asleep, my dad called to say Happy Bday, but he was whispering. he said it was b/c he was in a residents' room, which i believed. we kept talking, and while we were talking, i saw a man walking up our sidewalk so i whispered to kevin to hurry and open the door before the man woke the kids up with the doorbell. as i was saying that, i noticed another person walking behind that man, it was MY MOM! yes! my mom and dad had come back!!!! they had just been here 48 hours ago and now they were back! what a shock!
here's the deal: kevin had reserved a room at a hotel for my bday-for JUST ME! i didn't know this, however, until my parents got there and they all revealed the story: kevin was going to drop me off at the hotel with a bag already packed after dinner; that's when he was going to tell me about the room by myself. well, my dad told kevin i wouldn't do it-so he and my mom decided the only way i would do it was if kevin stayed with me. so they spent the nite here with the kiddos while kevin and i got to go by ourselves to the hotel for the nite! aaaahhhhhh, it was so nice and fun to be with just my hubby. thank you SO SO much, mom and dad!!!

okay, so the next day, we just played here at the house, said good-bye to my parents that afternoon and then packed for our San Antonio trip...we drove on T'giving day (the kids did FABULOUS, thank You, Lord!) and we stayed thru Sunday nite; driving home late while the kids slept. we had a fun weekend with kevin's parents-who were there visiting kev's aunt and uncle and cousins. we did the Riverwalk on friday, Sea World on saturday and the San Marcos outlets on sunday. that evening, we went to our friends, the Stitzels, to visit with them and other friends that we were stationed with at Luke. fun times!

oh, and one more thing-after our trip to OK for Christmas in a few weeks, it will be a LONG LONG LOOOONG time before i'm ready to do another trip with children! don't get me wrong, they were great (and sick, ugh!) but man! it was quite a job, i think i'm still a little wiped out!
PS if you ever go to Sea World in november and think it's CRAZY that you have to buy sunscreen at 10 am, well-make sure you sit in the Splash Zone at the Shamu show, that 48 degree water will cool you right off! myah loved it. eli cried. fun times!