Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's not easy

okay, taking a pix of yourself (and baby) is NOT easy. but i just love this time that i get to hold my handsome little dude on my lap-and it's about thee only way we get to anymore these days, so why not capture it on film? :)

so big

i am such a happy three year old, oh wait-dora's calling...thanks karissa for her dora phone!

close by

see, he's all over! here's myah, keeping a close watch over baby brother in her room...

end of school party

i was a 'party mom' for myah's last day, so eli and i joined in the fun with pizza, cupcakes and goody bags. weeeee! is that my girl or what? look at her lovin on that frosting! :) last pix: Ms. Angela and myah.

"The Gordon Guys"

we refer to kevin and eli as 'the gordon guys' and myah and jennifer as 'the gordon girls.' here's a pix of my two cutie gordon guys.

our 'family' mantle...

so this is where the big pix of the kiddos 'landed.' and the sign above says "As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord" with GORDON in red letters underneath it. a wife of a pilot here at Sheppard makes these and what's so bitter-sweet about it now, is that her husband is one of the pilots who was killed in a crash here a few weeks ago; kevin and i can't help but wonder if he did the wood-cutting, routing, etc on the sign. hmmmm.
please continue to keep both families of the two pilots who died in your prayers; Lord, we trust in Your plans for us!

i'm coming to get you, mommy!

well, eli is all over the place! oh yes, doors are being shut on several rooms throughout the house and things are being changed around-and outta his reach! this little dude is FAST!

countdown to disney world...

we're leaving for disney in about two weeks, so last week i made a paper chain for myah to 'see' how many days left til we go. she's SO excited! heck, I'M so excited!

Friday, May 16, 2008

2 months ago, growl boy

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happy baby boy!

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look out world!

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doesn't he look so big?!

okay, big week at the gordon household! his first tooth finally poked through and he is CRAWLING! he started doing it a little bit on mother's day, aw, thank you son! and by wednesday, had it down! a lot of that credit goes to pookie and scooter-he sees them and off he goes! altho, as you can see from these pix, he's pulling up (to his knees) and thinks he can do anything! three days in a row, he pulled up to something, just to have it come down on top of his poor little head/face-which ended up in 3 different boo-boos. wow! myah was SO quiet and calm and subdued compared to this little man! i have a feeling i'm going to be very busy chasing this little man around! i've already had to put several things up and outta his reach! but it's OH SO FUN to watch!

more pink, sorry eli!

eli's been trying to drink outta myah's sippy cup-it's so cute watching him try-but he just can't figure it out. he's not used to hard plastic in his mouth, plus he can't figure out why nothing is coming out. i just think it's cute!

daddy just LOVES this one...not

we've started walking to get the mail in the late afternooons as to stretch eli before his last feeding; well, it's just easier to put him in myah's old PINK umbrella stroller than to put him in the big one, and it's easier on my back (he's 20 pounds!) than the babybjorn.
right? and of course myah needs to push her baby, Boo, too! i had my neighbor take this one for kevin. i'm going to send it to him at work; he'll be so proud of his little man in PINK!

happy boys

myah's 3 yr old pix

here are some pictures of myah's 3yr old pix taken at JCP. holy cuteness!

bikin & scooterin & getting chased by daddy

my baby boy

da girls

every saturday, my wonderful husband lets me have 'mommy morning' where i get a few hours to do as i please. since this saturday was a day before mother's day, i decided to take myah with me. we watched a movie in the tahoe while we ate our sonic lunch, got the tahoe washed, went to the mall and then had a pedicure. unfortunately, it was right during her naptime, actually WAY later, so this little lady could barely keep her eyes open. i think she and i have started a mommy/daughter tradition of an annual pedicure together for mother's day!

da boys

Mother's Tea at Myah's school

myah's teacher, miss angela, is amazing. here's just a sliver of all the crafty and creative things she makes with the kiddos. this was my set-up at our candel-lit 'mothers tea.' so cute. so fun!

rainy day visitors

one of eli and mommy's 'morning routine' things is to open his curtains and say 'good morning, outside!' and on this rainy day, i saw two ducks out his window in the street. i took him to the front door, ran and got myah and the camera and up walked our feathered friends; they were hungry, so myah had the morning of her life-feeding ducks right at her own front door! after they had enuf to eat, myah and eli sat and discussed the whole fun ordeal! :)