Friday, September 26, 2008

our baby boy is ONE!!!

well, just like all you other mothers say, "i cannot believe my baby is ONE!" wow, it really blows my mind! yes, i even cried while we sang Happy Birthday, but can we just blame that on preggo hormones? anyhoo-we had a very small party, just both sets of gparents and two neighbor families. shhhh, don't tell eli how huge myah's first bday was...but i also wasn't pg then! i don't EVEN have that kind of energy these days!

there are a few pix of his TWO CARS he got for his bday, so see! he can't complain about a small party, he got two cars! hope that doesn't come back to bite us when he turns 16!
he's 'into' mickey mouse right now-if one year olds can 'get into' something, that is. so his sweet sister let him have mickey in his car on their little ride down the sidewalk. she is SO good to him! and like all boys, he's also into balls and cars; there's another pix of him with his new NASCAR toy from, guess who-Gma and Gpa GORDON (boo on #24!) :)
the last picture, well, actually the first one-with the backwards way i upload these-is him on the way to church the next day, his first time in REAL shoes. doesn't he look SO BIG!? and no, the shoes didn't stay on; when we picked him up from the nursery, he only had one on-what a boy!
on eli's actual bday, tuesday, kevin took the day off and we THREE (yes, we made myah go to school) went to the fort worth zoo. eli wanted to eat his bday lunch at Chipotle, and since we don't have one here, we gave in. (by the way, kev and i's FAVE restaurant is chipotle!) i forgot our camera, so we just bought a disposable one; so i thought i'd just 'tell' you what we did on his actual day, since i probably won't be scanning/uploading those pix; back to myah, she knows that on HER bday, she gets to go with just mommy and daddy(didn't have the heart to remind her that there'll also be a new baby tagging along) to the zoo-she knows it and will even tell you that eli has to go to 'cool' (school)that day, not with us :)

from today...

this one's fuzzy (of E and M in 'gobbles'), but i only had a small window to snap the pix.

okay, so i turned around to find eli sitting in myah's chair. sure, it's kid-sized, but still, i was shocked. then he wonders how to get he tries...then he reaches out for mamma...then he decides to just STAND UP instead! oh i see, he turns one and here we go...pray for me now, people! here's some of E literally sitting on M in his new garage sale car; his fave toy so far! oh what five bucks can get 'ya! and yes, my kids ARE always wearing their pj's! (mom, too!)


hello guys...haven't updated in a while. not sure how much i'll get done now; depends on how long eli naps...
here are some fun-around-the-house pix from august and september. eli's bday pix will follow...
also, i'm 21 weeks and feeling LOTS better, whew! we chose not to find out the sex of the baby- i know, i know-totally UNLIKE my decorating-ahead-of-time-self, but i told kevin i'm getting 'soft' in my 'advanced maternal age' and therefore, he won (by not finding out). we do have the picture of 'thee' part from the big sonogram sealed in an envelope-in case we can't stand it, but so far-neither of us are even tempted! what's wrong with me?! :)
and, the ultrasound tech said that according to all the measurements, this baby should arrive on 31 january, which is a week earlier than the doc's 'official' due date. i'm going with the tech's date, duh! but also cuz it's the same tech as when i was pg with eli (just last year, ahhhhh!) and she called it right: TWO WEEKS EARLY! aaaand, kev's bday is 1 february, so that would be fun if baby comes on his special day!