Friday, July 27, 2007

couldn't resist these...

i am so kicking myself...we went with our friends, the newells, to a DCI contest at the stadium right by our house on tuesday nite; did i bring my camera? nope! ugh!
myah LOVED it! the newell kiddos had some play-dough-like-stuff, which they let myah play with as well...well, she was so exicted as each band took the field and would say 'make drum, please' or 'make trumpet' or 'make flag' and pretend she was playing/waving right along with the bands. hilarious! the kids were all dancing and being quite the entertainment for everyone sitting around us. so fun to watch them. they did great the whole two hours, even tho it was past their bedtimes; guess that's what you get when you load them up with cotton candy, m&m's, coke, popcorn and peanuts! woo-hoo! so the pix of myah in her jammies and boots-was the next morning; she wanted the American flag to wave around like what she'd seen at the contest. :) PS even tho the weather was perfect that nite, i don't suggest being almost 7 months pregnant and sitting outside on metal bleachers for two hours!

baby shower time!

even though this is really baby #2 for me, all the girls in the squadron felt i still needed a shower-and since there are going to be SO MANY showers in the next few months, us 'second-time-mommies' decided to have double-showers. so here's some pix of my friend Therese and i's shower from this past saturday. there was a big turn-out and we really got spoiled. in the group picture, there are obviously the big-bellied therese and me; as well as the hostesses, which happen to all live on our street. oh yeah, ginger is the one on the very left-altho pregnant, she was just a hostess; her shower is next weekend! ha! and the reason why my shower was so early is cuz therese is due in a week, and since i 'doubled' with her, we had to have it early. oh, the dress...okay, i made it-SUPER EASY and because of that, i went and got more material to make one for myah. we'll add those pix later-cuz we're going to wear our matching dresses to church this sunday :) also very obvious; i'm carrying eli in both my tummy AND my bootie! the pix of myah in the tissue paper was after getting all the gifts home and out of the bags, she loved it!

OSU friends in OKC

one of our good pals, angie and her hubby darrin flew in from AZ, so why not get togehter and EAT?! myah and i drove up to OKC to meet some of my college friends to see angie and eat at the Hideaway, oh yum! new babies, pregnant mommies and lots of calories were enjoyed greatly!

popsicles and pool time

i promise i rotated the pictures when i uploaded them...obviously i didn't do it correctly...

something's in the water...

well, not my water, since ours was from a lab and all :)
but there are about 11 of us in kevin's squadron alone that are pregnant. we are standing in order of our due dates...obviously, it starts from the left. and check out how low i'm carrying...interesting!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


here's the 'american girl' at a local parade, waving her heart out at the floats and cars, and LOVING the candy that was thrown! we went to our friends' house that afternoon for a cook-out, swim time and fireworks. FUN!

i, too, am growing fast!

i can't believe i'm actually putting this out there for everyone to see. oh well. here i am at 27 weeks. (last week) and i already feel like i'm bigger just since this was taken. getting a little on the uncomfortable side, having a hard time sleeping, but praise God-i finally have a perscription that WIPES OUT my heartburn entirely, so that's a HUGE relief! did i tell you the doc said eli is measuring to be in the 97th percentile of weight! OH MY! no wonder why i'm having hard time catching my breath and bending over! the doc said not to buy too many newborn sized clothes, ha! well, it's funny NOW...ask me again when i'm in labor! ugh! oh yeah, myah likes to 'open' my shirt, say "hi baby eli, i lub you" and share her snacks with him; via my belly button! too cute!

growing up fast

since we've been back from alaska, myah has transitioned into her 'big girl' bed, gone from the high chair to a booster seat, and ATTEMPTED potty training. she's done awesome in the first two...the potty training thing...don't even get me started. my goal was to have her out of diapers and totally trained by the time baby eli arrives, but uh...guess i can't force that to happen. so, back to diapers we are!
here she is in her booster chair at dinner. she is talking more and more every day-making some complete sentences, laughing at her daddy's (toddler-sized) jokes, and even singing. she knows the words to row, row, row your boat and twinkle, twinkle little star. sure, they aren't pronounced correctly, but that makes it even better! the pix of her and her dolly is from day #1 of our attempt to potty train myah. we made a big deal of dolly drinking a lot, staying dry, then pottying...myah loved it. but she just didn't make the connection of actually doing the same. patience, mommy-patience!

Father's Day 2007

so-for our mother's day picture, myah and i were at least dressed nicely; but the creativity of the picture was lacking. here, for father's day-the 'pose' is super-cute, but one of the 'participants' (i won't mention names) wasn't too thrilled about changing into matching shirts! oh well, still such a cute pix, huh?!