Tuesday, June 19, 2007

our Alaskan cruise, w/o myah!

as you can imagine, we took TONS of pix; i'll try to just do a few.
we were gone for 10 days-yep-our first time to leave myah and bam! we up and left for that long. many HUGE thanks and hugs to our families who drove down/took turns and watched her/played non-stop with her/took awesome care of her/spoiled her while we got to go alone, celebrating our tenth anniversary. it was awesome. we saw tons of bald eagles, several orca whales! WOW! a moose, a dolpin, and i think i saw a bear from our helicopter ride...i LOVE the pix of kevin on the cell phone; he was talking to his daughter! enjoy...

pregnancy update

well, in case you are wondering...i'm 24 weeks along, feeling much better than those 'dark days' back in feb, march and april. whew! still getting sick, but only a few times/week now; versus the several times/day that it was. we had 'the big sonogram' during my 18th week, aaaannnnnddd...IT'S A BOY!!!! yes, myah's going to have a little brother, named Eli. we're so excited! then, just a few days after the sonogram, i felt him kick for the first time. kevin was home, so he quickly came over and got to feel it, too! so, so neat! now he kicks all the time and we can even see my belly poke out here and there. since i've stopped puking so much, i'm making up for the lack of weight that i gained those first few months and i LOVE it! i may not look all that great, but i love the excuse of being pregnant! ha! this is me at 23 weeks on our alaskan cruise; those pix are to come...

just being cute

Mother's Day 2007

okay, so we get an "F" for creativity on this one, but here's miss myah and i before church. again, thank you Heavenly Father that i'm a mom! isn't she being cheesy! by the way, my friend is going crazy over my need-to-be-rotated-pix that i STILL have yet to figure out. so she's gonna teach me soon, i promise! :)

The Texas Bluebonnets

two of my friends that also live on our street and i took the kids out to get some pix of those famous bluebonnets. so cute!

OKC zoo w/ family

oops! i obviously didn't take enuf pix while there! sorry, guys!
anyway, my parents and bro/sis-in-law/their three kids drove down from Enid and we three drove up to meet them for a day at the zoo. several pix i did take were just of the animals; i decided not to bore you. here's myah and cousin Aspen in the shade of the cart pushed by grandpa!

Myah turns TWO!

here's myah and grandpa dwain setting up her 'kitchen.'while daddy, uncle scott and a friend are outside FREEZING while putting together her new swingset. for the longest time, she'd refer to it as 'happy birthday, myah'; not swingset! ladybugs for her first bday, ducks for her second; altho if i'd have let her choose, it would have either been deigo or elmo!she loves the princess stuff-but everytime she puts it on, she also puts on her 'myah' apron that was given to her the same day! ha! a princess of the kitchen! here's also her cousins Jay and Logan-getting her used to the big-girl swing. the pix of her holding the "2" candle...can you tell that was forced or what?!

Easter in Tulsa

we drove to Tulsa (kev's parents) over Easter weekend; hadn't been there since Christmas, and Kev's grandma wasn't doing well. we are so glad we went, because she went to be with Jesus just a few weeks later. and hey, no laughing at myah's too- short-Easter-dress! she grew like a weed!

aren't i getting big?

playing with daddy

our beautiful china doll!

a friend of mine's parents live/work in china and her mom brought myah this dress the last time she was home. couldn't get a very good 'front' pix of her in it, and of course, her hair's a mess-but isn't she breath-taking?!