Saturday, February 03, 2007


sunday evening, beth's wonderful parents (who were also in china with us!) stayed and played music while we all sang and were entertained by sophie and myah dancing. this was SUCH a great weekend. we already miss them so much! we got up monday morning, ate a yummy waffle breakfast, then drove back down to CA. thanks again lymans!!!

an asian invasion, weeee!

after church on sunday, the lymans had two other families (with china daughters) over to eat and play. one family was also in our group in china, so it was fun seeing them again as well!

havin' fun

another china friend!

on saturday, we went to see jordan lyman play basketball. since sophie fell asleep-myah made friends with another china doll; this is brenna. and she had popcorn! if you know myah, you know she LOVES to eat!

oh deer!

when we got back to their house from crater lake, there were all kinds of deer in their yard. this is nothing new, but they were even on the front porch! every morning, we were graced with their beauty in the lyman's yard. one morning, paul counted TWENTY-SEVEN of them!

beautiful AND COLD crater lake

wake up and play!

sophie would wake up and say, "myah!" with such enthusiasm. myah could only say 'soph!' but it was obvious they were really enjoying each other!

the diaper dance!


we had a few days between our initial procedure 'work-up' and the actual transfer so we drove up to klamath falls, oregon to see friends we met in china-the lymans. they got their baby girl, sophie when we got myah. we did a lot with them while in china and couldn't wait to see them again. it was a fun, fun weekend at their beautiful home and lots of memories were made. here are the girls the first nite. they played SO well the entire weekend-it was like they've known each other their whole lives; and hey! they practically have! they are both from hubei, china.

quack, quack, quack

this is the duck pond on base, she loves them!

the Jelly Belly factory in Davis, CA

we flew to CA to do an embryo transfer from our in-vitro procedure two years ago. we love our doctor AND it's cheaper to come back here every time rather than stay here and have it done. so, why not make it into a fun vacation as well? this factory is close to travis AFB, which is where we stayed. it was really fun and yummy, of course!

another trip????

we've been back from Christmas for about a week and a half, and yet-here we go again...packing our suitcases and getting ready to go, go, go. she looks wiped out already, doesn't she?! :) what a trooper!

10 year anniv!

our fun neighbors, todd and lil, agreed to watch myah so kevin and i could go out to eat for our ten year aninversary. thanks guys! this summer we are taking an alaskan cruise to really celebrate; something we've been talking about for years. we're so excited, altho myah is NOT coming with us-and i'm already a little sad :(
we owe our ten awesome years to the Lord! we are thankful and can't believe how fast the time has flown!

being silly

donning her new backpack and stethoscope, doctor myah gordon takes time to read books, check her dad's heartbeat, and wears the latest in bloomer-fashion.