Monday, June 30, 2008

one more disney "souviner"

um...yep, you read that test right...we're pregnant! and um, if you know us at all, you'll know that we adopted our daughter and had to do in-vitro to get our son, and um...well, i guess i can say we've come full-circle now and can actually be included in the 'we weren't even trying!' club!

i know this is a huge blessing, but i'm a bit overwhelmed right now. eli is only 9 months old and i'm 8 weeks along. i had no idea how 'runneth over' my cup actually was when i changed the title of this blog...

we finally decided to take a test while at disney (hey, they say it's a magical place, right!?) but i just kept thinking i was stressed about the trip; well, i may have been-but little did i know til this test, that i was PREGNANT, too!

i'm praising the Lord in my heart, for i know His plans are much greater than mine, but i'm also praying that He'll help me to see the joy in this pregnancy soon...

i used to sing "IT IS WELL..." (old Christian hymn) every month during our 'desert years' of infertility; knowing that "whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, it is well, it is well, with my soul" and that He would provide children for us one day. i admit (and God knew it) i only sang it half-heartedly, b/c i was hurting so badly without any children, and then one day, in HIS perfect time, He opened our hearts and eyes to adoption. myah is a miracle in more ways than one and it was then that i really, really knew how true it was that His ways are perfect and only for our good. then came the miracle of eli. again-praise you, Lord for your timing! You are faithful! and now this surprise...well, i was reminded again about the song "IT IS WELL" and had to just praise Him b/c now i'm on the other side, and i hope to whole-heartedly be able to sing 'whatever my is well with my soul' soon. it is a wonderful thing, and i know i'll get excited soon.

PS another HUUUUUUUUUUGE praise is that i'm not sick at all! i was already puking 4-5 times a day at this point with eli, now i'm just exhausted and feel like i've been hit by a truck :)

disney world

wow, what a trip! a lot of hot, but yet a lot of fun! we thank you SO SO much, grandpa dwain and grandma betty for taking us all on this wonderful, memorable, family vacation!
my mom had been talking about this for years; it was "my mom's dream, my dad's nightmare!"
hee.hee. of course we took way too many pix to put on the blog, so here are just a few to enjoy. all five kiddos did AMAZINGLY well and were such troopers! naps were missed, a few tears were cried, but over all, they were great! thanks to cousins aspen and hanna for helping out with eli so much, he loves and misses you already! mason, you're so funny and we're glad eli has a cool boy cousin to look up to on this side of the family!

Monday, June 09, 2008

so far in june...

of course, i finally figured how to rotate the pix and make them bigger. but now i need to remember to put the text in backwards below for the explanations, but you need to read bottom to top in order for it to make sense.
we leave in two days for a week at disney-will be posting those pix once we're all back and settled...

-myah is getting so big, but not too big to be held!
-trying on her new dance stuff, she's starting ballet/tap in july and is SO excited!
-eli loves that boy in the mirror and i couldn't believe his legs like that!
-big sister helping eli eat his puffs
-something exciting outside the kitchen window, okay not really, but a cute photo opp
-daddy gettin' some lovin'
-a serious eli moment; love those cheeks!
-sportin' his new hat for disneyworld next week!
-mustache myah (choc.pudding)asleep at the plate!