Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

we enjoyed a yummy turkey dinner w/ two guys from the base that are here for a different school; they weren't allowed to go home for the holiday, so we were glad to help!
kevin is the turkey in our family. i mean, the turkey-maker. he wrapped it in bacon-even under the skin-it was so moist and yummy. he even made gravy. good job, honey!
his hair looks so blonde in this picture. wow! by the way, he turned 10 months old on the 23rd.

isn't he cute? what a wonderful hubby!

chattanooga, tennessee-weeeeeeeeeee!

waiting for the curry family to arrive...our good friends and next door neighbors from wichita falls, TX have family in chattanooga and come here every year for T'giving. it was only about 3 hrs from our home in AL, so we drove up and got to play with them for the weekend. sophia and myah are 'best friends' and haven't seen each other since we left texas in july. they are SO cute to watch. they squeal and jump up and down and run to hug each other each time they see each other. the boys are just a few months apart in age as well, and the babies-well, they're 7 mo's apart, but they wouldn't know the difference anyway. chattanooga is a SUPER fun town, spending time there with friends made it even better!

wow, myah! just like in one of your Fancy Nancy books!

sweet baby Alexander, you are sooo cute!

what are those boys up to?
we missed the fireworks on the river, but we got to see some fireworks from the restaurant.

next day-children's museum fun


hotel fun...

yummy pizza at Lupi's then to Rock City for all the lights!
and some of ethan's appetizer puffs when he isn't looking!

we had a GREAT time in Tn w/ our friends the Currys!
sweet baby E, catching up on some much needed zzzz's on the way home.