Friday, September 25, 2009

SEPTEMBER 23, 2009




for some reason, when i type the post it's one way, when i actually post it, it's something different; well-you get the picture. ethan is first and then eli. one is 8 months, the other is two years!
cannot believe it!!!!

ethan is 8 months, no way!!!!

this is one happy baby! he's been 'army crawlin' since he was 6 months, has 4 teeth and just learned how to scream! loves his big bro and sister and melts his mommy's heart!

ethan's funny hats, by gramma betty...

can you say EASY BABY!
here's grandma betty, putting on a hat show with ethan:
biker baby
flying nun baby
do-rag baby
gangsta baby
shreck baby (it's hard to see, but there are green 'horns' coming out of that last 'hat')


on eli's actual bday (the 23rd) we went to chuck e. cheese's for dinner. we haven't been there in about three months, when we were back in texas-and my how much has changed! eli used to LOVE chuck, but now he is TERRIFIED of him! can't wait to see what he does around Santa! anyway, he was crying in his high chair when chuck came by, then quickly went to daddy. check out his face as he was making sure that chuck WAS NOT coming back!
below pix; it's not cheating if it's your bday, right?! ha!


well, here's my 'baby' eli...two years old! we had a fun OSU football party for him and although he was a little scared of the 'fireworks' (candles) on his cake, he got right on his 'cycle and looooves it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

here i am...

well, it's been awhile since i last posted, but here i am...
these are just some random pix of the kiddos over the first few weeks in september.
hope you like the videos of ethan...he is so much fun!
everyone is doing well; myah is doing great in school, the boys are getting better when i drop them off at mom's day out on T/Th and i'm thoroughly enjoying my 'break' on those days; altho once 2:15 rolls around, i'm the first one thru that door to pick up all my babies! kevin's doing well in his school and God is good!
-notice how myah is a bit more interested in her friend on her soccer team more than the game itself! ha!
-eli wouldn't keep both shoes (myah's shoes, that is) on long enuf for me to get a pix, so this is all i got. he looks so good in them, ha! notice how his foot fits into her size so well! oh my!