Sunday, August 20, 2006

the farm story...

most of you have seen the leap frog magnet set that has the barn with the animal magnets for the frig, right? well, she doesn't really do much with it except pull it off the side of the frig and throw the pieces down; however, the other nite kevin and i were sitting on the couch with myah, watching tv. there was a show with pigs on it, so kevin and i were trying to hear it (myah was standing in the corner of the couch blabbing real loud). then all of a sudden, she says E-I-E-I-O!!!! we seriously think she saw the pigs, remembered the "old mcdonald had a farm" song she loves and sang E-I-E-I-O!!! it was soooooooooo cute! so now, anytime we sing it to her, we'll stop and say, "myah say EIEIO" and she does!!!! okay, she really only says EIEI, not the O, but holy moly! we're amazed at how fast she's picking up on stuff! fun times!

modeling at an early age

of course we think she's THEE most beautiful little girl ever, so we wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a model, BUT... she'll NEVER be allowed to pose in this position for pictures!!


sometimes when i want her to smile at the camera, i say "myah, smile" and i show her a huge smile, hoping she'll catch on. well, today, she finally did it! ha!

ladybug girl

she and i were playing with one of her ladybug toys one day and all of a sudden, she got up and walked over to her toy basket...she came back with this ladybug and held it up to the ladybug toy! what a smart baby!

rain, finally!

we were in much need for rain; it was so exciting as the wind picked up and the thunder/lightening started-that when we went in our backyard to watch it roll in, our other neighbors were in their backyards celebrating, too. and b/c the tv weather man said there were no tornados with this storm, i got to thoroughly enjoy it! myah was not too sure of the loud thunder, but thought the umbrella was pretty cool!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

what does pistol pete say?

not much to report this week...
she's just growing fast and learning new stuff almost daily.
she now says BAAA (ball), DU (DUCK), MAMA, DADA, BUBBA (bubble), MMM (moo) and MEOW (kinda; and it's so cute cuz she's heard me say it with a high voice, so she now says it in a high pitch. ha!)

myah and cousin logan

myah and cousin jay

testing the waters

kevin's brother, wife and their boys came down for the weekend so the boys could have one last fun weekend before school started. we went to the waterpark on friday and had lots o' fun.

wakin up a happy girl

Saturday, August 05, 2006

myah's take on the day in dallas...

obviously, she had a great time!

bunnies at an aquarium????

okay, we paid to see underwater creatures, but hey-the bunnies sure were a hit with myah! we also got to see this sloth; kevin and i were really fascinated with it! we knew they were slow, but had no idea how slow. it was incredible to watch!

loving the turtles

excuse the ladies' rear-endo in the picture; but myah wanted out of the stroller when we got to this exhibit. it had a lot of huge fish and turtles, so we put her shoes on her and let her get up close. she could have stood there all day. cute!

goin to the big "D"

we decided to do something different this saturday-we drove to dallas for the day. our MAIN reason was to get our 'chipotle fix,' but we justified it by also taking myah to the dallas aquarium. myah gets excited anytime she sees fish on tv or in her books, so we knew she'd love it. she did!

just saying HI

this is a look at what an hour and a half nap will produce! thankfully, she's started taking longer naps; still two a day-mostly from one hour to and hour and a half. yea! and she's oh-so-much-happier when she wakes up! happy and ready for a snack! yum.yum.

off to lunch...

okay; keep in mind that since i decided to update this blog weekly, there will be some entries that aren't as exciting as others, but for the sake of posting what we do around here during the week the week-well, here's an example!

for the last two weeks, 5 of us neighbor wives get together for a potluck lunch. we meet in the 'middle,' (which is just two houses down), so we just load up our food and walk on down. here, myah's sportin' her snazzy sunglasses.

hat day continued...

hat day at our house

okay, so you all know temperatures are above average around the whole nation-which means we don't go outside unless we have to-so i was really reaching when i came up with 'hat day'!