Monday, June 14, 2010


well, i didn't get too creative, but here's our new blog address/title:

The Gordon Five

thank you for keeping up with us on the Journey To Myah blog, we hope you'll join us at our new address!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


weeellllllllllllllllll, blogger just informed me that "i have reached my quota for uploading photos." WHAT?! evidently, blogger uploads pix thru picasa web albums and i've apparently used all my storage space. however, "if you'd like to PURCHASE more storage space..." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! so...make note of the change...JOURNEY TO MYAH is closing up shop.

i guess it's not such a bad thing, seeing how the 'journey TO myah' ended back in march 2006 :)

anyway, since i was just informed of this, i haven't had time to think of a new name, so keep checking back here at this same old address and once i've created a new name/address, i'll post it here.

please check out the new pix below titled "more may happenings" & "dancing in the rain." i'll start the next blog w/ our pix from the memorial day weekend...

thanks for staying w/ us for so long! i hope you'll join us on our next blog page!

more may happenings

well, i thought getting a slip 'n slide would be fun...but it was obvious i got what i paid for-it didn't work well at all, so there were more falls than slides. after a few failed attempts, we put it up and broke out the sprinkler.
one problem was that neither eli nor myah could 'get' how to throw themselves tummy-side down to actually slip-they ended up just running down and splash/sitting at the very end where the water was collecting...
see how NOT wet the thing was? (we're taking it back for a refund, by the way!)
but at least we got some good pix of the kids...
goodbye slip 'n slide, hello sprinkler
"isn't she lovely?"
oops, this one got in here twice; it was supposed to come after this next one...
ethan's first corn on the cob...
funny boy! but hey! whatever works!
our little diaper dudes...
oh this a picture of what's to come? i mean, they're only 1 and 2 and all over the place!
but you just have to laugh!
classic! sweet little e, sitting nicely and playing...crazy big e 'bout to take flight off the side! ha!
oh yay! popsicles!

eli, on his own, went to help ethan...then ended up helping himself! cuuute!
so ethan, how was your day today? well...ya know, eli...had a good nap, ate lots of snacks...the ususal.
now ethan has found myah's dress up clothes!
the gordon's traditional paci-hand(mouth)-off...
remember, jennifer, myah too once had a paci-look at her now...breathe in, breathe out. they WILL eventually be able to manage w/o one!
big sister's gonna get passed up in height and weight REAL soon!

super ethan!

dancin in the rain

Sunday, May 16, 2010

water fountain fun

we went w/ our friends, the newells, to a little pizza place downtown prattville and then let the kids play in the water fountain after dinner...we had no idea how much fun they were about to have...someone had put soap in it, so they had a BLAST getting wet and getting each other wet w/ all the bubbly water!

after getting wet, it was time for ice cream!

what a fun, fun evening!

look who snuck into the bathroom-and look what he discovered!

weeeeee! fun times!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

happy mom's was!

all i asked for was a picnic w/ the fam, so after church we picked up sonic and headed to ole Cooter's Pond. it was a GORGEOUS day, a high of about 70 and it was just perfect!

it was one of those days where everyone was happy-even mr. policeman...he drove by once and waved, then on his way back, he pulled in towards us and turned on his lights! so nice! thank you mister policeman!

here's a view over the water. you can see downtown montgomery way off in the background.

can you see the swelling in eli's face? look at the right side of his nose and just above his top lid. poor baby! he tripped over a book while kevin was chasing him the day before-and the Wii remote in his hand jammed his face; busted his lip on the inside pretty bad and the swelling of his nose even made his breathing thru that nostril sound not quite right...we were wondering if he'd broken his nose! but monday a.m. the swelling had gone down a ton and now it's just bad bruising; poor guy!

all ethan wanted was his juice in the big boy cup and straw!

what a beautiful park. what a beautiful day. what a beautiful family. i am blessed! thank you Jesus for these little 'gifts You've allowed me to call 'my children!'

pretty myah. and look! she even took her socks off-so unusual for that sock-lovin-must-always-have-some-on-girl!

great magnolia tree in the background, even greater kids in the foreground!

The Gordon Guys

i am happy!

i love you guys!