Saturday, February 13, 2010

what were we thinking?!?!

after a nite like we had, we decided to cram everything in to one day, here's the Georgia Aquarium. very neat!

soooooooooo tired, tho such a trooper! poor little buddy!

these whale sharks are huuuuge! just amazing to see!
i love this! myah and eli, laying down, enjoying a drink and watching the big sharks and rays and everything else just swim by to entertain them!
the Coca-Cola museum

notice that eli isn't in the pix? this bear was just a little too much for him. and ethan was just chillin in the stroller-didn't wanna bother the tired little buddy!
there were over 64 flavors to!
china's flavor was watermelon; wasn't all that bad!
eli got to help make his 'flag coke' and was sooo happy!

okay, so we're trying to take advantage of fun mini-vacation spots close to us, esp since we only have a few months left here-but...i think this one was the LAST ONE until ethan is much older!

we got to our hotel, let the kids play a little and then had dinner-yes! at chipotle! came back to the room and soon after hit the sack. neither myah or eli had a nap that day and ethan had only had an hour-long nap that morning...

well, all was going well til about midnite. from then til about 6am (altho it was actually 5 am to our bodies) things weren't pretty. with ethan. poor little guy has never done well in a pack n play. we even used the hotel's crib (bigger than a pack n play) and nope-it didn't work for him. kevin and i took 'shifts' in calming him down and sleeping w/ him on our chests in a chair. at one point, both myah and eli were 'sssshhhhh-ing' him from their own beds! we tried having him sleep w/ us but he was so wired, he just wanted to crawl all over the bed/sit up and look over to the other bed-hoping to find eli. needless to say, we came back a day early so we could all be in our own beds tonite and get some much-needed sleep! so once this posts, we're snoozinon! it was a fun whirlwind trip, would have liked to do/see more (esp visiting Charles Swindoll's church on sunday), but i think we'll just have to wait a while before we do any more trips that include sleeping in another bed! gooooood nite!

snow in the south!

this was friday morning. we let em play for about a half hour, then we packed up and hit the road...the somewhat long, snowy road to atlanta. wow! who knew the south could get so much snow! so glad we took advantage of the snow, cuz once we got home from our little over-nite trip, there wasn't a flake of snow to be found!

around the house

in the wrong order, this is ethan once eli took his sucker back!
eli was so sweet to share, ethan loved it and turned his back to eli!
sweet big bro, eli
eli and his first valentines cards, cuuute!
steppin into daddy's shoes
if watching the weed-sprayer-guy is fun, does that mean they're bored?
Harley chick
how eli and myah eat popcorn when ethan's around, ha!
eli's learning how to 'pose' from myah, so silly!