Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a few more pix from Texas

around the house. last time w/ favorite sitter desiree. daddy's fini flight. myah asleep while reading (with princess gloves on, no less). yoga with the kids.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

throwin' a ton at ya...

i wrote a little bit at the bottom of all these out-of-order (backwards) pictures...enjoy!

hey everybody, hi there. sorry i haven't posted in forever...i think the three small kids reality has set in and i can barely even find time to go potty alone, so obviously the bloggin' is at a snail's pace. well, it feels like a lot has happened since i've blogged last-so i'm just going to post what we've taken pix of and leave it at that. don't really have the time to make comments about each pix this time...our packers/movers are coming in one week and we've got a LOT to do before then. and on that note, this may be the last blog from texas...hang with us and once we're somewhat settled in (in alabama), or at least when we've recovered from the 13 hour drive, aaaahhhh, i'll try to get in the bloggin' groove again. hope you all are well and hope you enjoy all the pix below...