Wednesday, April 30, 2008

work with me...

hey there. trying to do some changes on the blog...kevin wonders when i'm ever going to change it entirely-since it's not our "journey to myah anymore", but i just can't. too many people that i don't even know read this quite often, and i don't want to lose any of the readers. plus, there's such an amazing 'God story' about how our 'journey to myah' did go...and i still have people tell me that they go back to those archived posts way back when we were waiting to get her. i can't change it, i just can't. i can, however, do a 'make-over,' so bear with me as i find something i like. thanks!

big boy

i almost hate putting eli in these big-boy-looking shirts. doesn't he look so big? makes me sad! but it's oh-so-fun at this stage!!!

just checking something...

oh my gosh! okay, i was just wondering-when i used to blog (back early on) i could see the pix when i uploaded em, but haven't been able to-til i actually had posted em and was viewing em online-so i was curious and started clicking on some different things...holy cow! i somehow was always posting in 'edit' instead of 'compose,' that may not mean a lot to you, but it's a sigh of relief to me! now no more guessing what pix i just uploaded. and i get to change the font, etc. whew! it's about time!

this is a pix i hadn't uploaded; another one of eli's 6 month pix...okay, okay, i'll add a few more that i didn't do earlier! :)

friends/dentist/teething boy

myah's first dentist appointment; did GREAT! then we got donuts afterwards, ha! my mom used to take my brother and i to get donuts after every dentist appt, so why not keep with tradition?
eli buddy is TEEEEEETHING!
owen and emma come over while their mommy and daddy go on a date. but bec forgot their jammies; since you can't put em in dirty clothes after a bath, we decided to put owen in some of myah's...i think we started a war...and they're keeping our kids this weekend while kevin and i go on a date. hey! i was nice and kept it at just that shirt and capris, i could have done a pink bow and purple socks! :)

random pix of our cuties

by the way, eli is SO close to crawling, started teething this week-UGH-and i thought the nites were long BEFORE!!! and is one super strong-willed little dude! he has a smile that is contageous-and will smile non stop, most of the time. but you come between his food or when he wakes up in the middle of the nite, and i'm telling you-he's a whole different baby boy! kev's reading Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson; after that, we BOTH HAVE to read his book, The Strong Willed Child. and hmmm...where do you think he gets that from? wink, wink.

a day at the farm (department)

even tho gas prices are thru the roof, i have to get out of the house with the kiddos every day...this day, we went to Atwoods Town and Country Store, yeee-haww, to visit the animals; well, the baby ducks, chicks, geese, etc. it was fun!


we had two parties this year (and let it be known, that will never happen again. whew, i'm still tired!) one with a friend from school/church at Jump For Joy here in texas,(first picture) then one at Incredible Pizza in OKC with family and friends there in oklahoma. this girl made out like a bandit in the gift department. another reason why her parties form here on out will be short and sweet: i'm sick of writing all the thank you's! here are some pix of the two parties and of gifts received in the mail. where to put it all??????????
thanks to bec for holding eli during the jump for joy party.
myah and i made froggy cupcakes for nathan and butterfly ones for her.
on her actual bday (april 16), we went to mazzio's (her choice) for bday pizza then to target afterwards to use her bday gift cards; note the pix of her and her harmonica in the car; LOVES IT! and her dora umbrella. and her magnifying glass. and, and, and...

big bad storm

this was from a few weeks ago. it actually did produce a/some tornado(s). THANKFULLY, they didn't happen here, whew! it was pretty awesome to watch out our back porch, altho i can say that just cuz we have a tornado shelter! HA! myah ran in and got her puppy "muff-ears" because she said the "punder" was too loud. hee.hee.

Sunday, April 13, 2008