Sunday, March 14, 2010


hello, everyone...for some reason i can't pull up the actual posts i added tonite. after you see these videos (if they even come up! there are 3), then you have to click on OLDER POSTS. there are two: "march" (or something like that) and "the rest of february." will i ever figure you out, blogger dot com?

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and onto march...

what a man! kickin back, relaxin and watchin TV....ahhhh, life is good!
eli's first trip to the dentist. he and myah went back together just fine...altho about 10 mins later, i heard him crying all the way up in the waiting room (they wouldn't let me go first). i immediately walked up to the desk and asked if i needed to help b/c i could hear him crying...they let me go back. the girl said she tried every trick in the book-all he did was run his coin (he loves coins and took one back w/ him) up and down the counter, NEVER looking at in "if i can't see you. you're not there. i don't have to get up in that chair!" hahahaha! that's SO him. so, i sat in the chair w/ him on my lap. the sweet, sweet dentist came in and thru a somewhat shut jaw, was able to take a quick enuf peek inside eli's mouth to see what he needed. man! NOT a way to start out a bi-annual thing for the rest of his life! i convinced him to sit in the chair just long enuf for me to snap some pix. of course, he was all into the goodie bag they gave him! myah on the other hand has always done SUPER at the dentist! and it's a good thing-cuz she's going back in two weeks for work on TWO cavaties! yikes!

wearing daddy's hat is a must photo for all the gordon kids!
look at me! i'm so big! and i loooove this toy!
on the move...

the rest of february...

ethan looooves this little play puppy. with a remote control, you can make it bark and walk. it walks in a side-to-side fashion so when we make it walk, ethan will move his upper body/arms side-to-side, too. SO cute!
is the pretty girl just growing up or WHAT?!
oh cutie, cutie miss myah!
eli loooves playing wii, but sometimes, it's more fun up high!
hmmmm. two? we would actually prefer NONE! :)
they decided to share a chair at breakfast today. sweet, sweet!
a new way to carry eli...good little kitty! he loves it, just hope his shirts are strong enuf!
ethan can now get up on the couch by himself...
eli is happy to show him how to jump and go crazy up there...
just like when eli was a baby, ethan loves to be lovey-at times!
i love seeing how hard eli was laughing at ethan!
shouldn't myah be the one with the crazy face?!
the o'club had a "kid's nite dinner" w/ spaghetti, a sundae bar and TOYS galore!
ethan loved just watching all the kids playing and clapped along to the music!
myah had her first shot at kareoke w/ her friend jenna-singing a song from The Little Mermaid. eli just wanted to be up on stage, ha!
we were one of the first families to arrive so the kids had free reign on the toys and dance floor.
ethan played on the dance floor for awhile...then he was content to eat spaghetti and watch all the fun from the high chair. happy head, ethan!
love their expressions
long-time friend emma spent the nite...bathtime fun
we got the carpets cleaned. they were still wet when we got home from school. the kids LOVED it, weird! and wanted to put on swimsuits to pretend they were at the beach! what imaginations, huh? i don't know how they enjoyed it-it was cold! so to let it finish drying, we headed out for dinner-to another playland...chuck e. cheese! yippppeeeee!
grandma betty found this super-dee-duper-dee cutesy dress for myah. it came just in time for her class picture at school! thanks, mom. she looks so good in it!

i have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of this in the future!!!
see how lovey he can be!
big bro, showing him the ropes...of toy finding...
i'm sooooo happy his eyes have stayed blue!
here's our 13month old baby boy! growing so fast!
Lord, thank you for sweet times like this among siblings!
and the laaaaast bottle of formula, yea for the checkbook! now he's on strictly milk and doing fine, yippppeeeee! next step: to wean him from the bottle!