Saturday, August 22, 2009

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enjoying alabama

well, with kids like this-it wouldn't matter where in the world we lived-we'd enjoy it because of our kiddos, thank you Lord for these three awesome little people!

these first few are of a "flight social" we had tonite on base. eli picked up a horseshoe as if he knew what he was doing and said to kevin, "heaby" (heavy) but kept on going, ha! ethan is always giving funny daddy laughs, and then there's mister sports eli-playing basketball. oh, his shirt is off (or OSS) as he says, b/c another guy had his shirt off playing volleyball. it's a good thing he got distracted, cuz i then saw him trying to take off his shorts-after that the "dipoh oss" (diaper off) is sure to follow, hahaha! in fact, he has a bit of a sunburn on his back/shoulders from being totally naked and playing in the backyard today! what a boy!

then there's our chinese princess on her first day of Pre-K, and yes-i got emotional, go figure! :)

then here they are picking pears and muscadines (alabama grapes?!) in our own backyard!

and then just a few of the boys during the mornings when m's at school. i am having SO MUCH fun being w/ just my boys-yes! we do miss you myah-but when ethan takes his a.m. nap and it's just me and E (big E that is), we are having so much fun either playing trucks, trains, balls-or watching 'yo gabba gabba' or just snuggling on the couch. he is ALL TOGETHER a different boy when his buddy/big sis is gone; never saw that coming! he's always funny, but w/ just me and little E, he's sweet-guess cuz there's no one there to be naughty to?! (i'm sure myah enjoys the break from him a little, too!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

a few random shots


i keep forgetting to put these on the blog; NOT that i forgot all about texas...
can you believe we got to texas in '06-just two months after getting myah from china, and left texas in '09 with THREE CHILDREN and a vasectomy! who would have ever guessed?!
these great pictures were taken by my friend kelly (

myah's turn!

well of course i'm going to do the same for her! :)


ya think i'm driving down memory lane here...
cuz now i'm looking at ETHAN just six months ago-compared to now...

more eli/ethan pix

here is one of ELI at six months, can you believe he'll be TWO next month? wasn't he the baby last time i checked? and now we already have ANOTHER six-month old baby?! crazy how fast time flies! and then one of eli at almost 23 months...

look at this!

here's ELI at five months-then here's ETHAN at six months, i should have dressed ethan in the same onsie, but you get the picture! (literally!) they don't look a thing a like, until you see eli's baby pictures. isn't that amazing? here's eli: dark skin, round brown eyes...then here's ethan: fair skinned, somewhat squinty blue eyes...yet they sorta DO look alike! wow!

our baby boy

well, ethan will be seven months next week, IS THAT POSSIBLE? he already has his two bottom teeth, is very close to crawling and melts his momma's heart every day! now if we could only get him to sit up on his own! we haven't done much so far this month; kevin started 'school' on the 5th which means we're back to our normal routine of cartoons, naps, playing and pretty much staying inside. it's been pretty hot here this month and getting three little people in and out of the car alone-in this humidity-is a chore! so, we look forward to the weekends for fun stuff.
here are some 6month pix of ethan; it's a far far cry from the photos we've had taken of the kids before-from my extremely talented photographer friends, but until i find someone locally, i gotta just point and shoot on my own...
when you're done looking at these, scroll down for a few funny videos...