Monday, November 24, 2008

wichita FALLS texas

my parents were having grandkid withdrawls, plus we weren't going to be together over Thanksgiving and my bday, so they came up this past weekend to visit and play. saturday was SO nice, we decided to take a picnic to the park and FINALLY hike up to the FALLS of Wichita Falls. fun times! and it was oh so beautiful!

MINI MINI MINI ballet performance

the base was having their annual Hangar Holiday (Chirstmas bazaar) and myah's ballet class did a little 'number.' and i mean LITTLE! it was one song. it was so crowded, you could hardly hear the music and oh! my camera died just as they started, so here's all i got...

also, i think the girls had more fun playing while they waited than they did actually dancing!

the kids

i couldn't resist putting his cute little bootie on here! hee.hee.hee. love myah in her little princess crown shirt. i can't believe how big she's getting!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

tool bench scare

remember when i didn't know how to rotate pictures? you'll see in just a second that i don't know how to rotate videos...
eli got this tool bench from all the grandparents for his bday-and he's been a little leary of the loud noise from the table saw. he knows how to turn it on, but makes sure we're close by so that he can run to us as soon as it starts. SO FUNNY! towards the end of the video, he gets a little more brave, but he still runs to us when he pushes it. enjoy...

tool bench scare

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girls' WHOLE day out

rebecca and i have been wanting to go shopping in dallas for a looong time-without kiddos. well, today was the day! our wonderful hubbies let us have the whole day 'off' and after 13 months of never leaving eli (besides an occasional sitter), i got to enjoy an entire day away. looks like daddy and kids had fun practicing their 'go pokes' moves. they went to McD's and the park and cheered on the pokes. it was a good day for all-well, until we got smoked by texas tech, that is.

november is here

this boy LOVES his sister, i tell ya! and...he also loves trying to do head stands.

trick or treat

we started out the evening at a neighbors house with chili, cornbread and fun fall desserts. then myah tried to help eli get daddy's flight cap on-but obviously, he didn't keep it on...then off we went. a stop to see owen and emma, then up and down our street. myah did SO good! anytime she saw a 'scary' thing, she would tell us, "it's just a fake mean thing. it's okay." cute! and eli met up with his buddy, nicholas-they rode side by side in their wagons eating animal crackers while sophia and myah (pictured below) did all the work. when we got home, eli 'helped' sort thru the candy to hand out-myah loved seeing everyone who came to our door. fun times. and lastly, the cuuuute candy bags that karissa had sent them.

more random october shots...

notice the pix of the 'pee' shots. a friend was over and when her little boy needed to pee, she just lifted him up and let it go. the next thing i know-i look over and myah is pee'ing outside too! what?!
also, here's eli's 'bear.' he's been attached to it for a long time and he's getting even more into it lately. i cannot find them ANYWHERE! so, if you ever see one just like this; blue, a bear head and a cream soft underside, PALEEEEASE buy em! we'd ideally like to have an extra one or two laying around. he NEEDS his 'bear,' and i can't imagine what would happen if 'bear' got lost! yikes!