Thursday, December 21, 2006

back in september...

this is what she looked like when i last posted, in september. we'll scan some pix from the october-current timeframe tonite. so glad to be back 'up!'

orange sherbert, yummy!

she is allllll texan!

okay, i may have figured out a way to rig this thing...i'll be adding some random pix as i try to figure it out, but i'm excited; we're getting there. still can't retreive anything previous, hmmmmm.

HOLY COW! i may have figured it out....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i'm back!!!!!!!!

hey everybody, if there IS anybody still out there checking this thing...good news, canon replaced our camera with a newer one, yippee! bad news, i'm still not able to post pictures. altho, i've had some good suggestions from you all and plan to implement them once the holiday season is over. thanks for hangin' with me!
i'm also unable to pull up any of my "previous posts" or "archives" has this happened to you? how do i get it back? this is crazy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

now the camera's broke, aahhh!

okay, thanks to you who've given suggestions for adding pictures. we're gonna give it another try. but now, our digital camera just up and broke (had it less than 2 years)ugh. so until it's fixed, we're gonna try and scan in pix from the 35mm. which means no videos for awhile. sorry. thanks for being patient with us!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

more technical difficulties...

hey there, i know it's been awile since i've posted, but now it's not letting me add pictures, hello! isn't that the best part!? anyone had this happen before? help!

Saturday, September 30, 2006


we've gotten emails/calls that our blog is not working. we can't bring it up either-guess this post now is just a test; we're trying, hang with us!

Monday, September 25, 2006

playin with the girls

in case you can't tell, myah is the one with the black hair-hee.hee.
aspen and hanna were such great helpers and just loved mommying myah. i'm pretty sure myah's armpits were sore after a weekend of them wanting to carry her everywhere; but it was sooo sweet! oh, and mason thought playing his game cube was much better than playing dolls with the girls. (by the way, these are my brother and sister-in-law's kids).

the ladybug hunt

so myah got to see her very first real ladybug-and yet, did her mom get a picture of it? no! what was i thinkin? so we decided to go on a ladybug hunt at my parents' building (oh, were we supposed to be helping set up for the celebration? oops!) with cousins' mason, aspen and hanna. when i asked myah "where is the ladybug?" she raised her arms like this...ha! by the way, we never found one after that, bummer. and altho i can't figure out how to put these pix in chronological order, i'm sure you can see that after a short time of finding zero ladybugs, the kiddos decided it was more fun pretending to be locked up puppies anyway!


these calves live across from my parents' house, you know myah was loving this!

breakfast with grandpa brinley

this weekend was spent in enid with my family.
my parents were having an open house celebration of their 2 year anniversary at their assisted living center; The Arbors. we drove up to help celebrate. um, did i take any pictures of the actual celebration? no-too busy chasing after myah. sorry mom and dad!
here are myah and her grandpa sharing cereal, cute!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

like mommy, like daughter...

this is miss myah-working on her blog!

just practicing...

we're going to stillwater next month to see a home game, so we're making sure she'll have the OOOOO-SSSSS-UUUUUU down by then :)

grandma's flower garden

do ya think we need to have her bangs cut or what? she was so content squatting here playing with the rocks-and the ducks, of course!

OSU reunion/baby BD party

while in tulsa, we went to a friends' in-laws to get together with all us OSU friends and help little brody celebrate his first bday. of course our camera batteries died before we took the group picture, but imagine this: a hot afternoon with 15 kids running everwhere (and having no naps) and sugar in their systems, k? then you can paint your own visual of what the group photo (taken at the end of the day) probably looked like! ha! (LEFT) myah and claire wearing their party hats (RIGHT) bday boy and myah wearing their matching outfits; across the chest is their name embroidered in green. too cute! (thanks, berg-for myah's outfit!)

myah and buddy

kevin's parents got a cute new puppy; he and myah were good friends right off the bat-just each other's size. myah was constantly trying to feed him his chew stick. cuuute!

on the road again...

we drove to tulsa this past weekend to stay with kevin's parents; this was the true test-to see if the DVD player would keep her attention and allow me to sit up front with first she just stared at it-her arms still kinda frozen in the air. she was mesmorized. funny! then, as you can see from the pix on the left, she got real comfy and loved it! the right pix is of her on the way home. she put her puppy up there like that. they watched veggie tales together! and life on the road with a little one was good, whew!

Friday, September 15, 2006

the fair, the food, the fun

the local lions club hosts an annual OK-TX fair (small) here every year, so we took myah last nite for a change of scenery...
this petting zoo had a kangaroo, goats, deer and something that looked like a small cow (bison? see pix below w/ myah and me) it was a great nite to go (weather was in the 70's) and myah loved all the bright lights, as well as the funnel cake, yeah baby! oh yeah, we think goats must like the taste ofcotton t-shirts, too!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

mommy, myah and the ducks

a few more duck pond pix...

this was from my friend's camera; how sweet! is it legal to arrange marriages in america? :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

pleeeeeease, mamma?

she reminds me of our cats, gazing out the back door-longing to be outside, but THIS is the kind of thing that is outside...i.e. the reason why she CAN'T go out (unless we're with her, of course).
this is a for-real texas-sized spider. i was actually too freaked out to kill it, so my friend julie did-she started screaming when she sprayed it cuz hundreds of baby spiders went every which way, crawling off the mom-spider's back! NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you click on the spider picture, you can tell there were baby spiders on its back. SO GROSS!

here kitty, kitty

scooter only THOUGHT she was hidden in a safe place! poor kitties! and how 'bout them curls in myah's crazy hair! ha!

such a big girl!

well, it didn't take her long to learn how to climb! she can get up AND down from this chair all by herself! (there's a foot stool she uses in front of the chair). once she's up there, she does her little grunt/point thing to her basket of books on the floor. we're gonna have to teach her to put the books on the chair first, then get up there! i just can't believe how big she's getting!

mothers' day out

here she is, proudly pointing out her 'report card' from her first day at mom's day out.
it's at a church just a few minutes from our house and the workers in her class are super!
they even got her down for a nap! i was very shocked! i'm choosing to only leave her for 3 hours, but she's allowed to stay for 5; that just seems like too much right now. she did just fine when i left and was obviously excited to see me when i walked over to her 'crib.' she said MAMMA pretty loud from behind her paci-so i scooped her up real quick before the other kiddos woke up. i'm SO thankful of how well she does when i leave her, and SO floored at how fast 3 hours goes by! :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

feeding the ducks...

not sure why this pix went up to the top, but...speaking of the almost-scary-intimidating swan...we were getting the kids back into the car, etc and all of a sudden, scary mister swan is right there behind the car! he walked all the way over from the water to follow us. must have been reeeeal hungry. we hurried and put the kids in and got the heck outta dodge, hahahaha! honestly, this picture doesn't do his size justice!

here are ty and myah again. we went to feed the DUCKS, but ended up feeding most of the bread to the hissing geese! i think myah held the same piece of bread the whole time! she loves ducks, but must have been a little overwhelmed, cuz she didn't really do much but hold out her hand and just watch. it's hard to tell in the picture on the right, but this HUGE ole swan came up and i swear he towered over myah and probably outweighed her by thirty pounds. he was actually pretty intimidating!!!

hangin with ty

this is ty. he lives two doors down and he and myah are pals. i think they were bored listening to us adults talk, so they just sat and pulled grass.

i take that back...

well, shall i say she was glued to the video IN THE STORE...but not so interesting to her once we got home. hmmm, oh well. as long as they keep her attention in the car!

shoppin for some videos

we will be travelling to OK a few times this month, so we cashed in on some gift cards and bought a portable DVD player-hopin to ease the not-so-fun rides to and fro...this is myah and daddy picking out some veggie tales videos; by the way, once we got home and watched them-we decided she wasn't quite old enuf to enjoy em, but kevin and i sure do!

on the border

sure, myah-you want mexican food for breakfast? little sweet thing, you can have anything you want for breakfast. not really. but she was having so much fun w/ her paci plugged in and her quickly shrinking balloon the other day. we're teaching her early that mexican food is yummy! so far her fave at any mexican restaurant is tortillas! altho the spanish rice comes in at a close second. funny girl!

Monday, September 04, 2006

the millers come to visit

even though emily is 4, she still was patient with myah and they played well together. baby leslie just laid around and enjoyed the squeals and laughter from the older girls.

playin on mom and dad's bed

gonna miss this...

since myah is approaching 18 months old, we've decided it's probably time to give up the nightly bottle. this is such a special time. after her bath/teeth-brushing/jammies/prayer, kevin and i take turns on who actually gives her the bottle and rocks her to sleep. this is one of my last nites as we only have a few bottle liners left....our baby is growing up! boo-hoo!

found mama's shirt

i'm all better!

sorry, folks...haven't posted in a while.
myah was sick two weeks ago, so no photo opps that week. this past week there weren't really any photo opps either, besides this one. she loves to go thru her drawer that's full of bloomers. and naturally, she needed them on her head!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

the farm story...

most of you have seen the leap frog magnet set that has the barn with the animal magnets for the frig, right? well, she doesn't really do much with it except pull it off the side of the frig and throw the pieces down; however, the other nite kevin and i were sitting on the couch with myah, watching tv. there was a show with pigs on it, so kevin and i were trying to hear it (myah was standing in the corner of the couch blabbing real loud). then all of a sudden, she says E-I-E-I-O!!!! we seriously think she saw the pigs, remembered the "old mcdonald had a farm" song she loves and sang E-I-E-I-O!!! it was soooooooooo cute! so now, anytime we sing it to her, we'll stop and say, "myah say EIEIO" and she does!!!! okay, she really only says EIEI, not the O, but holy moly! we're amazed at how fast she's picking up on stuff! fun times!

modeling at an early age

of course we think she's THEE most beautiful little girl ever, so we wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a model, BUT... she'll NEVER be allowed to pose in this position for pictures!!