Sunday, May 17, 2009

under construction

as you may have noticed, i somehow messed up the right side of the blog page. i found another website that has more backgrounds, etc. i thought i was doing it right-to change this current one-but obviously wasn't. i'm going to give it another shot later...

sassy flops

buy a pair of flops. get some coordinating ribbon and yarn. (thanks for the yarn tip, KB!) tie the ribbon/yarn in knots up and down the straps. open the yarn pieces to make em fray-ey and fluffy. give all the pieces a little snippety-snip and wah-lah! you've got yourself a CUTE pair of sassy flops!

well, i came across a website that i'm hooked

from that site, i've found lots more cute sites; mostly of stay-at-home moms who SOMEHOW find the time to be oh so creative. anyway, this site shows tons of 'projects' and teaches you how to do them too. it kinda got my creative juices flowin' and i wanted to do something crafty, so i had a few friends over to make these flip flops for our daughters. i haven't made these since high school, but i do have to say they blow the ones i made back then way far away. here's some pix (thanks to karissa, my BFITW; she told me to add the pix of each step, like they do on these fun websites i've found...)

backyard fun

here's myah and eli watching a cricket. and patient little ethan just sitting in the shade.

bein' silly

here's eli spankin' daddy's booty (a dance move) and the big kids taking time from their dance fever to pose in their shades, then eli looking like SUCH a big boy! karissa-i think he looks like bryson in this last picture-do you see it?

my baby boy...

okay, so i HATE being pregnant-but am oh so thankful that i had my prayers answered and was able to be pg TWICE-praise you, Lord! and so i don't necessarily love the super-newborn stage, and i reeeeally don't like what my hormones do to me for the first 3 months after i give birth, altho now i know that Zoloft helps :), and yes, i'm 35 years old, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, are you ready for this? (mom and dad, sit down-better yet, don't read this next part)...i told kevin today that i want another baby! WHAT?! did i just say that? now let me make something clear: not anytime in the near future, and maybe i should say, "i COULD have another baby. i wouldn't mind it IF we had antoher baby." again, not in the next few years!-but i'm really loving my baby boy Ethan and i love his little-ness and cuteness and sweetness. he's turned a big corner in the last month and is such a good little dude! (i would have loved him just as much had he stayed in his 'difficult stage') but i think i'm learning how to deal better with the challenge of all these little people; and i feel much more calm and relaxed. so why not have another one? perhaps this is God preparing me for our frozen embryos-as in, one or some may 'take?' who knows? i could be wrong, maybe little Ethan is our last one (remember, kevin just had a vasectomy), and if that's God's will, i know it's right. until then, i'm going to enjoy every minute of this little baby guy and we'll just wait for His timing and His will.

wooooo-weeeeee, Big E

eli looooves wearing any of myah's shoes on that he can fit on his monster-paw feet. here he is in her 'gotcha day' gift; the shoes are so, so pretty-we got them for her while in china. and ya know what, by the looks here, they even look pretty on BOY feet! ha, ha eli-he cracks us up!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, and it was!

my wonderful hubby let me sleep in and i woke up (close to 8!!) to a wonderful breakfast in bed made by kevin, myah and eli.
at church-we dedicated ethan, so neat! (both boys were dedicated here at this church!) then to Luby's for lunch (my choice, i love cafe food!) then home to lots of laughs w/ the kiddos and then bible stories before bed. my gift was P90X...more about that later. thank you kevin and my awesome children for loving me and praise you Lord for allowing my dream to become a mother be even more than i could ever dream!


okay, this was so fun, but next time-we really should think twice about going when it's 90 degrees and humid as all get out. also, carrying a baby in a baby bjorn and trying to bend over to pick strawberries doesn't really work. here's myah-the 'star picker' and her brother and friends at young's farm. eli didn't quite 'get it' at first. he ate the ENTIRE strawberries, yes, the green leaves and all! then when i showed him to eat just the red part and to throw the green into the field...well, he'd just pick a strawberry and chunk the whole thing. HA! the kids worked so hard and were so hot and tired when it was all over. hot. fun. yummy.