Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'Bama, Baseball & the Beach

well, we're back! after a whirlwind three weeks, we've moved from texas to alabama, gotten most of the way settled, went to a local double A baseball game w/ the newells and vaughs, visited a close-by peach park w/ the newells, and just got back from a little vacation at the beach in destin, florida; whew! i'm going to try to post these pix where they're in chronological order-but that means i'll have to be thinking backwards-so there's your warning...and here we go...better sit down, there's a lot to view!
also, a big THANK YOU to my parents for driving our car out to AL for us; that way we five Gordons got to ride together in the tahoe. it was also so much easier having them here to watch the kids while we got our household goods and began the unpacking process.

on that note, i just realized i forgot to add some fam pix we had taken right before we left texas-i'll post them next time-and also a big THANK YOU to kev's parents and two nephews, Jay and Logan for helping/watching the kiddos on the packing-up-end in texas!