Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Ethan is here! EARLY, yea!!

in the car, on the way...
we got there and they immediately rushed us into the delivery room; we at first thought we may have to do a C-section b/c the nurse checked me and then said, "i'll be right back..." the next nurse quickly came in and said, "did you think you were going to have this baby before you got in the door? you're an EIGHT!" holy cow! i still can't believe it!

we checked in at 4pm, started pushing at 5:30 and the little man came out at 6. praise God; this delivery was GREAT!

one pix below is of myah and eli-pushing each other to be the first one at the video monitor to watch ethan asleep, cute!

eli is actually very gentle with him; i was concerned that he'd be rough. yesterday, as ethan was asleep in the bouncy seat, eli walked by, waved at him, and then went on his way. ha!

myah is a little overboard on being helpful, so i have remind her that only mommy and daddy can do certain things with ethan. oh boy, this is going to be interesting!

friends, i am SO sorry that i'm just now getting some pix of sweet baby ethan on here, but man!
finding any 'free' time with three little kids is almost impossible, and then if there are a few extra minutes, i'd rather spend them with my eyes closed!

ETHAN SHEPPARD GORDON made his quick way into our world on friday, Jan 23rd at 6pm.
he weighs 8lbs 12oz (which is ALL in his cheeks!) and is 21 inches. big boy! he looks just like eli did as a newborn, although much bigger. so far, he's pretty low maintenance-except he's picky about eating; and would rather eat from a bottle. anyway, he, like our other two is truly a miracle, and we are so blessed and thankful.

it must be the 'third child' thing, cuz we don't have too many pix of him yet-so here's what we have for now...thanks for being patient!

Friday, January 16, 2009

maternity pictures

here are my maternity pix, taken at week 33, from the friend who takes all of our family/kiddos pix. unfortunately, she's moving to korea next week...anyway, i had PLANNED on taking maternity pix w/ eli, but since he came early, it didn't happen. so glad i did it this time, cuz THIS IS MY LAST PREGNANCY! :)

fun w/ the grandparents

well, still no baby. 37 weeks and MISERABLE! well, not really; overall, i'm great. just uncomfortable and READY! anyway, my parents came down for a few days just to help out during the week, THANK YOU GUYS! i'd forgotten what stainless steel appliances looked like without little fingerprints all over the place! :)
the kids enjoyed the play time w/ them and i enjoyed the rest! here are a few pix of them w/ the bubble machine. i'll have to add a video of them soon; right now myah and eli are dancing like crazy, and cracking each other up-it's hilarious! hope january is going well for all of you!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

early December

hope everyone had a safe and special Christmas.
happy new year! welcome 2009!

here are a few random shots from early december...again, i forgot to post these first, so you'll have to scroll all the way down the next two or three posts to see the most current...

it looks as if i'm only 'blogging' about once a month lately, so hopefully-this will be the last one before the baby comes. due date is 31 january, but i really don't know if it'll even be that late! c'mon, baby!

kevin and i had 12 year anniversary on Saturday, January 3rd. we are blessed. notice i didn't say 'celebrated,' couldn't get a sitter. so if there's still no baby this next weekend, we'll try to get out by ourselves and celebrate a belated anniversary!

this was our annual santa hat C'mas picture; the INTENTION was for eli and myah to kiss my belly. obviously, that and eli wearing his santa hat, didn't pan out! :)

princess myah and princess emma have found their prince!

decorating her very own C'mas tree.
after C'mas, we found a PINK princess tree for next year. so this one from Gma Betty will be passed onto Baby G.

a nite in OKC

my cousin Kelsey and her hubby Christopher renewed their vows in OKC; we hadn't seen them in a long time, so we made a quick trip to the city and back. the kids had SO MUCH FUN! there was another 3 yr old cutie there from china, Reagan-so she and myah danced the nite away, shared cake and did lots of giggling. of course, having Gma Betty and Gpa Dwain there made the nite extra special, too!