Friday, September 21, 2007

we're ready 4 U, Eli!!!

here is eli's room, finally finished! YEA KEVIN! he did SUCH a great job! he did the walls, painted most of the furniture and made the frames for eli's name. sorry they're sideways-but you know are a few pix of me as well. i know, i know-i said no more. but i just can't believe how big my belly is-i don't see how he fits! and he still has enuf room to move, cuz he's always movin! wow! unbelieveable! i'm 38 weeks now; dialated to a 1 and still just 50% effaced. the doc did strip some membranes yesterday-OH OUCH! and then when i got home, i had my first case of EXTREMELY PAINFUL sciatica! thank the Lord, it only lasted about 45 minutes then subsided. that was crazy painful. also, there's a pix of us and the newells on our last 'date' (for a loooong while). we both got sitters, went to a movie and then out to eat. the tahoe in the back is our 'new addition' to the gordon family. our blazer was just not reliable- but then again, for all you who've known us since italy-was it EVER reliable?! ha! praise God for His blessings! oh yeah, there's a pix of an open burger king crown...a friend of mine made that a few years ago when we first did IVF. she's kept it this long (it even made a move from AZ to TX with them!). it says PRAISE THE LORD I'M PREGNANT! i should have 'announced' our news to you while wearing it, way back in january-but soon after we found out-that's when my sick days began and i was in NO mood for picture-taking! :)

Western Day at myah's 'school'

at the fair with the newells!

aaahhh, the fair. thankfully, it was a beautiful/cool nite and of course when you add fair food to the mix; it's a beautiful nite. the kiddos had fun, us parents were walking with our chins on the ground at how fast the cash was flyin outta our pockets and everyone got to bed late. oh well! one of these is with owen riding a pony next to his daddy, the one of what myah calls the 'paris wheel' is of neal and his kids (myah said NO!) with emma's little head poking over the top. and to top off the nite, ya know-right before bedtime, was a hot and yummy funnel cake! mmmmm!

rotate! rotate! rotate!

here are some 'just playin around' pix of myah. i bought her this outfit before we even went to china for her. the other day while i was cleaning out her closet-yes! i'm nesting! i realized i'd never taken pix of her in it. it's a size 12MO, so i knew i needed to do it right then. the last one is her at the park, don't ask my why in the world she squatted like that when i said 'smile, myah!' ha!

Friday, September 07, 2007

our OSU fan

when pasty and i came back from a little shopping saturday, daddy and grandpa had myah all dressed and ready to cheer on the pokes; um...perhaps she needed to cheer a little harder :) anyway, the pix of her in her bed is with her new 'big sister present' from our friends the Sieverlings; marty made both myah and eli OSU pillow cases with their names embroidered on the black part. myah LOVES it and almost cried when i was packing it up to go to enid a few weeks ago! she loves to see Pistol Pete on the pillow and knows to say GO POKES! and OSU COWBOYS! yee-haw!

the Gordon clan comes to Texas

"ampa harold" and "pasty" (again, not GRANDMA patsy, just patsy, ha!) came to visit over labor day weekend. then kev's bro/sis-in-law and their two boys came up for the last part of the weekend. we had a good time hanging out as usual. here's a few pix of some of em playing monopoly, we couldn't believe how long myah 'played' the game!
of course patsy and rhonda brought gifts for baby eli and for big sister myah; here's a pix of myah's new 'BIG SIS' shoes, soo cute!

family time in Enid

a few weeks ago, myah and i drove up to oklahoma to be there while my dad was in the hospital for some surgery. here's myah asleep on 'betty' (grandma betty, altho myah just calls HER 'betty' but my dad, she calls 'ampa dane')ha! and then a pix with her uncle jason. my dad ended up having to be in the hospital for SIXTEEN days, but is now home and doing much better. praise you, God! (oh and no, myah and i did not stay that long; just a few days.) the pix of myah and her cousins is what we had blown up and put on grandpa's hospital room wall to encourage him to GET WELL SOON!

prepin' for baby eli

here's myah and i in our matching dresses-the ones i made for my baby shower. we wore them to church the next day and just HAD to take a pix :) the background is in eli's room-kevin did the painting and our friend neal helped him with the beadboard. it looks stinkin' awesome! i think kevin's still shocked at how good it turned out; see! he's the best! cuz that room was definitely a labor of love! we've just got a few more things to hang on the walls til it's done, then i'll post pix of it.
the pix of kevin and i was after our long day of the birthing class. wow, that was already five weeks ago-time's a flyin' for sure! anyway, kevin keeps trying to tell me i need to practice my breathing; last nite, he had his boxers pulled up as high as they'd go, his t-shirt over his head like a head-dress, dancing around doing the hee-hee-hee-hoo's. cracked my butt up! he loves making me laugh, i just hope eli doesn't mind me jolting him around in there when i do! and hey, even tho i'm not practicing the breathing, kevin will be a pro! OKAY YOU nice! the one of me, yes-that's me, not a blue-striped whale, was taken just this past sunday. i'm now 36 weeks and ugh, it ain't too pretty. obviously, the water retention has set in!
i think this is going to be the last pix i post out there for all to see. and i won't EVEN tell what the scale at the doc's office said yesterday; let's just say i've more than made up for my lack of weight gain from my puke-days and the extra water weight is NOT helping. i'm only 50-60% effaced and at zero dialation. bummer.
but, eli's head-down, his heart rate is perfect and altho i'm a bit on the miserable side, he's doing great; thank you Lord! so, consider this your last pix of me like this; i'll be keeping all the rest OFF the internet :)

more 'around the house' pix

the one of her outside has her 'chalk' footprint next to her. love it! (yes, i know-it needs to be turned!) anyway, the one of kevin and her is under eli's bed, in their 'secret hiding place.' i have THEE best husband! he is so good with her and esp since i'm so exhausted these days, it's great to see him play so well with her-that way i don't feel as guilty! the one of kevin and myah from the back is them in the garage-myah 'helping' daddy change the litter box! the ones with her in her rain boots and 'rain hat' are when she plays pretend in her room. one day she says "it nowing" (snowing) and the next "it's raining." she will get out every hat she owns and put it on each of her stuffed animals. so cute to watch her imagination!

fun around the house

the picture with her in the tub and the ducks lined up was kevin's funny thing. there's a pilot duck (daddy), a mommy duck, a chinese duck (myah) and then a baby duck (eli)!