Saturday, November 17, 2007

happy boy!

if any of you are feeling a little hopeless, look closely at these pix...this sweet boy is a MIRACLE! he was conceived in a petri dish, frozen for two years, survived a hard pregnancy/labor and is here; happy and healthy, PRAISE YOU LORD! woo-hoo! see his hemangioma (red thing) on his head? we call it his 'freezer burn!' :)
isn't God detailed? He knew to put that there as a 'conversation piece' so we could share Eli's/God's perfect story! awesome!

Eli's friends

here are some pix of eli's buddies. the ones of all the babies on the couch are some of my friends who were all pregnant at the same time. eli's one of the youngest, but HAS to weigh the most! hee.hee. the pix of just he and the two girls...i think he must have felt outta place; bet he'll look back on this one day and wonder why in the world he was crying when being the only guy hanging out with two chicks! :)


here's myah at a friends' house playing mommy. she's really gotten into this lately, probably b/c she sees me with eli. she's really helpful at home and flat out RAN over to him the other day to beat me...SHE wanted to put his paci back in, NOT ME! ha! my friend had this 'mini boppy pillow' which obviously, myah loved! too cute!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

halloween 2007

OH NO! i don't know how, but i've lost several pix and obviously messed up on this i thought i finally learned how to rotate pix and i've really only learned that i've lost some in the process, YIKES! sorry for the doubles here...

is this the cutest little cowgirl you've ever seen or what?!
and roar, roar to the most handsome little lion! :)

very random pix...

don't think i'll be writing much these days, so here are some random pix over the laste seven weeks. YES! he's seven weeks today! and see if you can notice the change in his size! holy moly, this little dude is already 12 pounds! yummy cute! :)