Tuesday, April 28, 2009

myah's 4 yr old pix

i know this is the lame way to do it, but i have two boys asleep and a lot to get done, so instead of taking the time to scan it in, i just snapped a quick pix. isn't she getting so big! SO BEAUTIFUL!


don't know where he got it, but baby ethan has two little dimples on either side of his mouth and one bigger one (can't see it in these pix) on his left cheek! SO CUTE! look at eli in the dryer pix; can you just see the oneryness in that boy or what?! the pix of both boys below...i saw those shirts w/ the lightening flashes and HAD to get them. their daddy's 'call sign' is FLASH! hahahaha!

my boys...

i cannot WAIT til ethan is eli's age; these boys are gonna have SO much fun together! turn off the TV cuz we've got 3 little built-in entertainers!

dapper dude

here's the Big E all ready for church. be on the look out for a video i'll be taking/posting soon. we're going to have him in this shirt, unbuttoned and wearing sunglasses and socks-dancing to Old Time Rock & Roll, just like Tom Cruise on Risky Business. hahahaha! if we can just find the time, aaahhhh!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


party favors.
decorating the cake.
7 pretty princesses.
making wands.
opening presents.
and making a wish...


here's eli and emma-she and owen came over to play with us on friday. eli loved playing with the big kids. emma is so good with him. then here's one of just kev and me-that doesn't happen too often...myah wanted to take it 'all by myself' (boy! do we hear that a lot these days!) she did pretty well, eh?!

happy 4th bday, sweetie!

after school on thursday, we took myah to get her ears pierced (she did GREAT!) and then to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. here's a few pix of M and E. below are some of her ears; the before and after.

tummy time

just 4 fun

myah and eli had fun talking to each other on their cells-in eli's crib. funny kids. and here's little buddy ethan, getting bigger every day!

little bit more from Easter Sunday

here are myah and eli on Easter Sunday, betweeen hail and rain storms. Eli liked throwing the eggs down the driveway instead of waiting to hunt them. he was really interested when he threw them down after so long that they eventually got down to the yellow yolk ball. ha! at the bottom, they are showing their tatoos.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter pix 09

here are some STINKIN ADORABLE pix, if i do say so myself. taken by a friend here-wow!