Thursday, May 13, 2010

happy mom's was!

all i asked for was a picnic w/ the fam, so after church we picked up sonic and headed to ole Cooter's Pond. it was a GORGEOUS day, a high of about 70 and it was just perfect!

it was one of those days where everyone was happy-even mr. policeman...he drove by once and waved, then on his way back, he pulled in towards us and turned on his lights! so nice! thank you mister policeman!

here's a view over the water. you can see downtown montgomery way off in the background.

can you see the swelling in eli's face? look at the right side of his nose and just above his top lid. poor baby! he tripped over a book while kevin was chasing him the day before-and the Wii remote in his hand jammed his face; busted his lip on the inside pretty bad and the swelling of his nose even made his breathing thru that nostril sound not quite right...we were wondering if he'd broken his nose! but monday a.m. the swelling had gone down a ton and now it's just bad bruising; poor guy!

all ethan wanted was his juice in the big boy cup and straw!

what a beautiful park. what a beautiful day. what a beautiful family. i am blessed! thank you Jesus for these little 'gifts You've allowed me to call 'my children!'

pretty myah. and look! she even took her socks off-so unusual for that sock-lovin-must-always-have-some-on-girl!

great magnolia tree in the background, even greater kids in the foreground!

The Gordon Guys

i am happy!

i love you guys!


Paul & Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day last Sunday and ALWAYS! It will forever be ingrained in my mind, your first mother's day....receiving Myah! What an expression on your face! God IS an awesome God!

We spent Mother's Day at Crater Lake. We never drive up there without my being reminded of our trip together with you. What fun!

Tracy said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. Are guys PCSing this summer?


Rachel said...

You were so MEANT to be a Mom! Congratulations on a beautiful family!!