Tuesday, October 24, 2006

now the camera's broke, aahhh!

okay, thanks to you who've given suggestions for adding pictures. we're gonna give it another try. but now, our digital camera just up and broke (had it less than 2 years)ugh. so until it's fixed, we're gonna try and scan in pix from the 35mm. which means no videos for awhile. sorry. thanks for being patient with us!


Betty Brinley said...

Hey, maybe we could help getting the digital fixed for your Christmas Present? Our help buy a new one?

No complaints here...that little puppy was probably wore out from all the pix to China & back. Good job, little "diggie"!

Gramma Betty

Paul said...

Ok...it's been over a month...use some of that extra flight pay you get a month..and buy a new one.

Better yet, if you come shovel my snow, I'll buy you a new one. We had 5 inches today.

Paul Lyman

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling!!!!!!!!

Hope all is well, and you are STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE!

Your Orangewood Friend:
Chris Haro