Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Myah turns TWO!

here's myah and grandpa dwain setting up her 'kitchen.'while daddy, uncle scott and a friend are outside FREEZING while putting together her new swingset. for the longest time, she'd refer to it as 'happy birthday, myah'; not swingset! ladybugs for her first bday, ducks for her second; altho if i'd have let her choose, it would have either been deigo or elmo!she loves the princess stuff-but everytime she puts it on, she also puts on her 'myah' apron that was given to her the same day! ha! a princess of the kitchen! here's also her cousins Jay and Logan-getting her used to the big-girl swing. the pix of her holding the "2" candle...can you tell that was forced or what?!

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