Wednesday, April 30, 2008

work with me...

hey there. trying to do some changes on the blog...kevin wonders when i'm ever going to change it entirely-since it's not our "journey to myah anymore", but i just can't. too many people that i don't even know read this quite often, and i don't want to lose any of the readers. plus, there's such an amazing 'God story' about how our 'journey to myah' did go...and i still have people tell me that they go back to those archived posts way back when we were waiting to get her. i can't change it, i just can't. i can, however, do a 'make-over,' so bear with me as i find something i like. thanks!

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Paul & Beth said...

Wow, have been busy! It's only been a day or so since I checked your blog. I usually peruse my favorites every other day. Sophie loves the ones of her china girlfriends.

Blessings to ya'll,
Beth and Lyman bunch