Friday, May 16, 2008

doesn't he look so big?!

okay, big week at the gordon household! his first tooth finally poked through and he is CRAWLING! he started doing it a little bit on mother's day, aw, thank you son! and by wednesday, had it down! a lot of that credit goes to pookie and scooter-he sees them and off he goes! altho, as you can see from these pix, he's pulling up (to his knees) and thinks he can do anything! three days in a row, he pulled up to something, just to have it come down on top of his poor little head/face-which ended up in 3 different boo-boos. wow! myah was SO quiet and calm and subdued compared to this little man! i have a feeling i'm going to be very busy chasing this little man around! i've already had to put several things up and outta his reach! but it's OH SO FUN to watch!

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