Saturday, August 02, 2008


okay, so it's finally getting fun for these two: they've recently started having crawling chases around the living room/kitchen. eli gets so excited when she turns and starts chasing him that he practically screams and goes super fast-straight to either kevin or i. funny! he'll follow her into her room and they'll stay in there for quite awhile; allowing me to get a little bit of housework done. just yesterday, they started playing under his crib. myah and kevin used to 'camp' under there and now eli follows her under there and she LOVES it. in fact, she's yelling EIIII (her "L"-less version of eli) COME UNDER HEW! i think she thinks the louder she calls his name, the more likely he'll hear her and obey :) after a while, tho-i think his little head gets sore from banging it as he goes in and out. i'll try to attach video of it later. really cute! kevin chose ROCK BAND for his father's day gift, so here are also a few pix of he and myah rocking out. it's pretty fun and one nite after eli went to bed, she and kevin and i all played and at the very end, loud into the microphone, she said, "i'm rockin' with jennifer!" funny girl!

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michelle said...

Catia & Dominic play chase like that all the time! Catia runs as fast as she can and the more Dominic laughs, the more she laughs! It's the best ever. :)