Friday, September 26, 2008


hello guys...haven't updated in a while. not sure how much i'll get done now; depends on how long eli naps...
here are some fun-around-the-house pix from august and september. eli's bday pix will follow...
also, i'm 21 weeks and feeling LOTS better, whew! we chose not to find out the sex of the baby- i know, i know-totally UNLIKE my decorating-ahead-of-time-self, but i told kevin i'm getting 'soft' in my 'advanced maternal age' and therefore, he won (by not finding out). we do have the picture of 'thee' part from the big sonogram sealed in an envelope-in case we can't stand it, but so far-neither of us are even tempted! what's wrong with me?! :)
and, the ultrasound tech said that according to all the measurements, this baby should arrive on 31 january, which is a week earlier than the doc's 'official' due date. i'm going with the tech's date, duh! but also cuz it's the same tech as when i was pg with eli (just last year, ahhhhh!) and she called it right: TWO WEEKS EARLY! aaaand, kev's bday is 1 february, so that would be fun if baby comes on his special day!

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