Sunday, November 09, 2008

trick or treat

we started out the evening at a neighbors house with chili, cornbread and fun fall desserts. then myah tried to help eli get daddy's flight cap on-but obviously, he didn't keep it on...then off we went. a stop to see owen and emma, then up and down our street. myah did SO good! anytime she saw a 'scary' thing, she would tell us, "it's just a fake mean thing. it's okay." cute! and eli met up with his buddy, nicholas-they rode side by side in their wagons eating animal crackers while sophia and myah (pictured below) did all the work. when we got home, eli 'helped' sort thru the candy to hand out-myah loved seeing everyone who came to our door. fun times. and lastly, the cuuuute candy bags that karissa had sent them.

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