Thursday, March 19, 2009

mid-march moments

well, i can't believe it, but ethan will be two months old on monday! crazy! he's getting BIG; wow, we sure make big boys! he's still battling constipation and now will not go to sleep on his own. big fun. (not!) i don't know what we did differently with eli than now with ethan, but eli was sleeping in his own bed, just fine, at two weeks old. hmmmm...again, zoloft to the rescue! :)

here's eli waiting for the trash truck out the front window; when it went away, he said 'mo' (more) and cried. ha! he's learning what dirt, motorcycle, tractor, bus, truck, choo-choo train and cars are-it's SO fun to watch him get SO excited when he sees any of these! oh and he loooooooooves sports/balls; his fave seems to be football. he "reads" his football book all the time and says it so cute!

myah has a new favorite game; dora dominoes. after one time of losing/pouting-then having a 'talk' about how being a good sport should act...she'll now say, "it's okay if you win, i won't get mad." hee.hee. her 'report card' from school was all A+'s, so we let her choose something special she'd like for her 'reward.' she chose seeds! flower seeds! how cute is that?! (see pix below of her planting them)

kev's parents came up for the weekend, so that was fun-and there are also pix from when my dad was here; thanks again for all the help, dad! and thanks mom-in-law for mopping our kitchen!! gotta love living somewhat close to grandmas and grandpas!

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PIPO said...

Great pictures!

I FEEL your pain on the sleep issues. Sending some good mojo your way. I actually have some to send now that I've gotten a couple of nights rest.