Sunday, November 15, 2009

my heart skipped a beat...

the kids have all been sick-on and off-passing it to each other-for seven weeks now, sigh...for a couple of nites, we put ethan in his bouncy seat (which he's much too big for these days) INSIDE his bed, in order to keep him elevated so he could breathe better. (he looooves the bouncy, by the way-it's just funny to see him in it cuz he's so big!) anyway, THIS is what i saw when i walked into his room the other morning. talk about momentary panic! he was, however, laying on his back, right next to the over-turned bouncy seat, just smiling as big as he could. so my panic turned to calm, then to oh my gosh-ness! that little dude SOMEHOW made his way out of the bouncy and managed to flip it upside down, all w/o getting hurt or making much noise; we didn't hear a thing. the next picture shows the bouncy when i took it out and turned it over-the seat belt is still on/locked! unbelievable! what a little funny buddy!

here's eli, looking out ethan's window the morning of the big rain and winds from tropical storm Ida. we got lots of good rain!
eli recently found kevin's drum sticks...plays w/ em all the time. yes, we've already gotten him a drum for Christmas! :) wish us luck!
100% boy!!!

lemme fix that for ya, little bro!
okay, so this pink jeep was obviously from when myah was learning how to walk. and even tho kevin still threatens to paint it black, the boys really enjoy it "as is." FUNNY STORY: eli likes to ride his 'cycle down the driveway and over the 'bump' at the end of the driveway, into the street (we live on a cul-de-sac, whew!), so as he was "flinstone-driving" the pink jeep, he looked at me and 'asked' "bump?" which is his way of asking if he can go down to the bump. i said, yes and began walking that way as well. once out in the cul-de-sac, he 'asked' "go?" and pointed down the actual street where sometimes kevin lets him ride his 'cycle. i said 'no' cuz i was in my jammie pants and didn't want to parade down the street like that. so what does a two year old boy do? HE TAKES OFF RUNNING IN THE PINK JEEP! so i had to run after him, naturally. but i was laughing SO hard, i wasn't able to catch him right away! i just kept imagining how hard i'd be laughing if i looked out my window and saw this scene. man! if only it would have been caught on tape-we couldda won $10K on America's Funniest Home Videos! so funny! eli was even laughing hard cuz he knew he was being a stinker and cuz i was laughing my butt off!
our homies
i don't think eli will like this pix so much when he's older!
THIS is my "biker babe!"

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