Sunday, December 06, 2009

ethan in the spotlight

eli walked up to me when i was carrying ethan and said "hold him?" he is LOVIN' his little brother? so, here's big bro holding little bro-on the floor! :)
another paci boy on our hands!

all three kiddos have loved playin the paci game w/ daddy!

a nose to gnaw on always feels so good to babies' gums!

i guess all those hours of watching kevin and i do P90X really was soaking into ethan's head; here he is at 10 mo's doing his first push-up! ha!

oh! and now he's ready to show off his stuff since he just got thru working out! :)

sorry little buddy-but it's just too cute NOT to put on the blog!

happy head ethan!

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KBrown's Bad Habit said... many comments, so little space...

Pic #1...who's holding who, really? ethan, son, you are growing too fast!
Pic #2...paci's! we love paci's!!
Pic #6...ok,...oh girl, can you hear me snickering as i type?
p90x...ethan's been watching who do p90x???
Pic #7...sweet baby...purple crown & all!
Pic #8...gotta love that smile behind the paci!