Sunday, March 14, 2010

and onto march...

what a man! kickin back, relaxin and watchin TV....ahhhh, life is good!
eli's first trip to the dentist. he and myah went back together just fine...altho about 10 mins later, i heard him crying all the way up in the waiting room (they wouldn't let me go first). i immediately walked up to the desk and asked if i needed to help b/c i could hear him crying...they let me go back. the girl said she tried every trick in the book-all he did was run his coin (he loves coins and took one back w/ him) up and down the counter, NEVER looking at in "if i can't see you. you're not there. i don't have to get up in that chair!" hahahaha! that's SO him. so, i sat in the chair w/ him on my lap. the sweet, sweet dentist came in and thru a somewhat shut jaw, was able to take a quick enuf peek inside eli's mouth to see what he needed. man! NOT a way to start out a bi-annual thing for the rest of his life! i convinced him to sit in the chair just long enuf for me to snap some pix. of course, he was all into the goodie bag they gave him! myah on the other hand has always done SUPER at the dentist! and it's a good thing-cuz she's going back in two weeks for work on TWO cavaties! yikes!

wearing daddy's hat is a must photo for all the gordon kids!
look at me! i'm so big! and i loooove this toy!
on the move...

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