Wednesday, June 02, 2010


weeellllllllllllllllll, blogger just informed me that "i have reached my quota for uploading photos." WHAT?! evidently, blogger uploads pix thru picasa web albums and i've apparently used all my storage space. however, "if you'd like to PURCHASE more storage space..." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! so...make note of the change...JOURNEY TO MYAH is closing up shop.

i guess it's not such a bad thing, seeing how the 'journey TO myah' ended back in march 2006 :)

anyway, since i was just informed of this, i haven't had time to think of a new name, so keep checking back here at this same old address and once i've created a new name/address, i'll post it here.

please check out the new pix below titled "more may happenings" & "dancing in the rain." i'll start the next blog w/ our pix from the memorial day weekend...

thanks for staying w/ us for so long! i hope you'll join us on our next blog page!

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Jen said...


I'm a friend of Tracy's....I just had a quick question about your picture uploading issue. I am unable to upload pictures, my computer just freezes up and won't do it. Did you have this issue? I just wonder if I'm having the same issue, and I know you can pay to upload, and have better service, but I don't want to do that:)
Your kids are so cute...We have 4 boys...never a dull moment:)

Have a great day!