Friday, September 08, 2006

feeding the ducks...

not sure why this pix went up to the top, but...speaking of the almost-scary-intimidating swan...we were getting the kids back into the car, etc and all of a sudden, scary mister swan is right there behind the car! he walked all the way over from the water to follow us. must have been reeeeal hungry. we hurried and put the kids in and got the heck outta dodge, hahahaha! honestly, this picture doesn't do his size justice!

here are ty and myah again. we went to feed the DUCKS, but ended up feeding most of the bread to the hissing geese! i think myah held the same piece of bread the whole time! she loves ducks, but must have been a little overwhelmed, cuz she didn't really do much but hold out her hand and just watch. it's hard to tell in the picture on the right, but this HUGE ole swan came up and i swear he towered over myah and probably outweighed her by thirty pounds. he was actually pretty intimidating!!!

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