Saturday, September 09, 2006

mothers' day out

here she is, proudly pointing out her 'report card' from her first day at mom's day out.
it's at a church just a few minutes from our house and the workers in her class are super!
they even got her down for a nap! i was very shocked! i'm choosing to only leave her for 3 hours, but she's allowed to stay for 5; that just seems like too much right now. she did just fine when i left and was obviously excited to see me when i walked over to her 'crib.' she said MAMMA pretty loud from behind her paci-so i scooped her up real quick before the other kiddos woke up. i'm SO thankful of how well she does when i leave her, and SO floored at how fast 3 hours goes by! :)

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Mom and Dad Gordon said...

I'm sure she got straight A's. Starting out young on those report cards. She is a good little girl.

Love, Grandma Gordon