Friday, July 27, 2007

baby shower time!

even though this is really baby #2 for me, all the girls in the squadron felt i still needed a shower-and since there are going to be SO MANY showers in the next few months, us 'second-time-mommies' decided to have double-showers. so here's some pix of my friend Therese and i's shower from this past saturday. there was a big turn-out and we really got spoiled. in the group picture, there are obviously the big-bellied therese and me; as well as the hostesses, which happen to all live on our street. oh yeah, ginger is the one on the very left-altho pregnant, she was just a hostess; her shower is next weekend! ha! and the reason why my shower was so early is cuz therese is due in a week, and since i 'doubled' with her, we had to have it early. oh, the dress...okay, i made it-SUPER EASY and because of that, i went and got more material to make one for myah. we'll add those pix later-cuz we're going to wear our matching dresses to church this sunday :) also very obvious; i'm carrying eli in both my tummy AND my bootie! the pix of myah in the tissue paper was after getting all the gifts home and out of the bags, she loved it!

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