Sunday, July 15, 2007

growing up fast

since we've been back from alaska, myah has transitioned into her 'big girl' bed, gone from the high chair to a booster seat, and ATTEMPTED potty training. she's done awesome in the first two...the potty training thing...don't even get me started. my goal was to have her out of diapers and totally trained by the time baby eli arrives, but uh...guess i can't force that to happen. so, back to diapers we are!
here she is in her booster chair at dinner. she is talking more and more every day-making some complete sentences, laughing at her daddy's (toddler-sized) jokes, and even singing. she knows the words to row, row, row your boat and twinkle, twinkle little star. sure, they aren't pronounced correctly, but that makes it even better! the pix of her and her dolly is from day #1 of our attempt to potty train myah. we made a big deal of dolly drinking a lot, staying dry, then pottying...myah loved it. but she just didn't make the connection of actually doing the same. patience, mommy-patience!

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