Friday, October 26, 2007


sorry for the delay, as you can imagine-we've been a little busy this past month. our beautiful boy Eli came early (mom was so proud of her obedient son!) at 38 weeks; healthy and a FULL set of lungs! here are a few pix of us-oh yeah, he was born on 23 SEPTEMBER 2007 @ 7:07pm 7pounds, 8ounces, 22inches long. praise God! we've waited a looooooooooooong time for this! yippee!


chicknboy said...

I wondered when we'd get to see updated pics of the beautiful new family of 4. :)

Special K said...

Congratulations. He's gorgeous.

I'm a lurker. Not sure that I've ever commented. I found your blog somehow because of my own China adoption.

LID 6-14-06
Waiting for Mia

Tracy said...

It's about time! I was tired of seeing his cute room and wanted to see the cute boy instead!


God is good.

i-Con said...

Congrats on your beautiful boy!

Gina Corderman said...

Congratulations! I've been checking periodically waiting for Mr. Eli! He is a doll! So happy for you. We are inching ever so slowly to our baby Maggie. LID 9/04/06 Our blog is
Bless You,
The Cordermans

Christina said...

Congratulations Gordon family!! He is so precious and I'm sure he has a very proud big sister.

Take care of each other and I'll call you soon.

Blessings... Christina

Leslie said...

Congratulations, he is a precious little miracle! Myah looks like a great big sister!

Patsy Gordon said...

We love you baby Eli!!! You are a gift from God and we love you. Love and Kisses.

Grandma Gordon