Friday, September 21, 2007

we're ready 4 U, Eli!!!

here is eli's room, finally finished! YEA KEVIN! he did SUCH a great job! he did the walls, painted most of the furniture and made the frames for eli's name. sorry they're sideways-but you know are a few pix of me as well. i know, i know-i said no more. but i just can't believe how big my belly is-i don't see how he fits! and he still has enuf room to move, cuz he's always movin! wow! unbelieveable! i'm 38 weeks now; dialated to a 1 and still just 50% effaced. the doc did strip some membranes yesterday-OH OUCH! and then when i got home, i had my first case of EXTREMELY PAINFUL sciatica! thank the Lord, it only lasted about 45 minutes then subsided. that was crazy painful. also, there's a pix of us and the newells on our last 'date' (for a loooong while). we both got sitters, went to a movie and then out to eat. the tahoe in the back is our 'new addition' to the gordon family. our blazer was just not reliable- but then again, for all you who've known us since italy-was it EVER reliable?! ha! praise God for His blessings! oh yeah, there's a pix of an open burger king crown...a friend of mine made that a few years ago when we first did IVF. she's kept it this long (it even made a move from AZ to TX with them!). it says PRAISE THE LORD I'M PREGNANT! i should have 'announced' our news to you while wearing it, way back in january-but soon after we found out-that's when my sick days began and i was in NO mood for picture-taking! :)


Scott Gordon said...

boy, it's a good thing i've got a laptop so i can rotate those pics!


it's cool to see the update on myah and eli...say, when does eli get his blog?

sola gratia!


chicknboy said...

you look SO good for 38 weeks! And that room -holy cow! Kevin did a FANTASTIC job with it.

Joel and Angela said...

I am so impressed with Kevin doing all that work. Not that I don't think he couldn't do it, just that he did so much!!! Congrats on Eli's arrival!!!