Thursday, March 27, 2008


this first picture is our no-kiddin' real first 'family' picture; on day two with myah in china. i had to add the one where she was handed to me the very first moment and then a few minutes later. i just love those and still get teary-eyed.

can it be? today (march 27th was our second anniversary of getting our most incredible daughter, miss myah hope lian gordon, from china; wow, time sure is 'a flyin!) here she is eating her pink donut for a special gotcha day breakfast. showing off her MADE IN CHINA gotcha day shirt. at school with her classmates and the goodie 'bags' (chinese carry-out-looking boxes with a chinese bracelet and fortune cookie inside) she handed out. letting go of two red balloons (two b/c we've had her two years, red balloons symbolize something in the chinese adoption world-oops, i forgot exactly what!) dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant. ending a fun day making her brother laugh, and pix from the very first gotcha day in china, then last years' first anniversary (i was SO sick from being pregnant, we didn't do anything besides take the picture) and today! thank you, Lord-for our precious daughter!

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