Friday, March 14, 2008

i can't quit taking pictures!

*gymnastics center; look how limber eli is, hee.hee.
*fun with flowers
*filling easter eggs for school
*lovin on daddy
*family bike ride!
*myah threw away her paci ALL ON HER OWN!
*eli's fun faces and flying on mommy's legs
*serious myah
*movie time with owen and emma


chicknboy said...

these are precious pictures! I LOVE the one with Myah and the flowers, but she's looking down. That one is awesome!

Paul & Beth said...

Don't stop taking pics...we love them! So sweet the picture of Eli loving on his daddy...and yeah for you, Myah for saying goodby to the paci! You are getting so big, and sophie says, "She has long hair!".

Love Beth and Lyman bunch

Tracy said...

I LOVE the photos. Just make sure you post the ones you take!