Sunday, February 15, 2009

february 09 so far...

hello everyone!

here are some fun pix of the kiddos. eli dressing up in myah's girly stuff. ethan's first bath, the "Gordon Guys" in their beanie hats, eli's first hair cut, the flight suit salutes, etc.

things are going pretty well, altho ethan seems to want to be awake (and not happy) for several hours during the nite lately...hmmm.

myah and eli are playing REALLY well together, it's so sweet AND helpful!
kevin turned 35. and no, he didn't GO bald, he started shaving it in december. myah and i think he is SOOOOOO handsome!

i'm now one of those mothers who puts their kids on a leash...i just bought it, so i haven't used it for real. but with three-and eli being all boy and yet too young to understand the danger that could happen if he wasn't on his 'leash' -i decided i'd rather have my son SAFE, rather than care about how i/he looks 'in' it! we let myah and eli play with it today in the house; they both loved it. and if i EVER dare to venture out and about with the three by myself, then hopefully eli will still think his monkey 'leash' is fun!

enjoy the pix; sorry not much time to post much text.


Patsy Gordon said...

Hi all!

Good pics of Dad and the two boys in hats and Eli saluting. Love them all. Miss them, too. Ethan is growing and growing. Cutest grandkids in Wichita Falls! Miss you all, Grandma Gordon

KBrown's Bad Habit said...

First off - I LOVE THE BINKY!! There's nothing cuter than to see 'em smile behind the it! Bryson loved his..E & E, carry on.

Second - Love Ms Myah's hair...she's a big girl now mom!

Um, and what happened to the neat and tiddy living room that was once there? coffee table just disappear?! Ah, yes, I'm smiling a big ole smile...

Luvyabunches...can't wait to see Big E and small e...and of course the Priss!