Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Ethan is here! EARLY, yea!!

in the car, on the way...
we got there and they immediately rushed us into the delivery room; we at first thought we may have to do a C-section b/c the nurse checked me and then said, "i'll be right back..." the next nurse quickly came in and said, "did you think you were going to have this baby before you got in the door? you're an EIGHT!" holy cow! i still can't believe it!

we checked in at 4pm, started pushing at 5:30 and the little man came out at 6. praise God; this delivery was GREAT!

one pix below is of myah and eli-pushing each other to be the first one at the video monitor to watch ethan asleep, cute!

eli is actually very gentle with him; i was concerned that he'd be rough. yesterday, as ethan was asleep in the bouncy seat, eli walked by, waved at him, and then went on his way. ha!

myah is a little overboard on being helpful, so i have remind her that only mommy and daddy can do certain things with ethan. oh boy, this is going to be interesting!

friends, i am SO sorry that i'm just now getting some pix of sweet baby ethan on here, but man!
finding any 'free' time with three little kids is almost impossible, and then if there are a few extra minutes, i'd rather spend them with my eyes closed!

ETHAN SHEPPARD GORDON made his quick way into our world on friday, Jan 23rd at 6pm.
he weighs 8lbs 12oz (which is ALL in his cheeks!) and is 21 inches. big boy! he looks just like eli did as a newborn, although much bigger. so far, he's pretty low maintenance-except he's picky about eating; and would rather eat from a bottle. anyway, he, like our other two is truly a miracle, and we are so blessed and thankful.

it must be the 'third child' thing, cuz we don't have too many pix of him yet-so here's what we have for now...thanks for being patient!


Just Me said...

Yeah! Praise God all are well :-). Congratulations. You guys are just glowing int hose pics. The gift of life is such a miracle!!

Can't what to see all three together in a picture.

Hugs to you all!

The Pollaras
Andy, Steph, Lainey & Lucas

Christina said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you Jesus for precious Ethan and this wonderful family you've knitted together! -Can't wait to talk to you and see how you're doing. 3 little ones is certainly an adventure!

Take care...


rgshrs said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He's adorable! Glad to hear all is well. Girl, if I were you, I'd be sleeping instead of blogging too!;) Take care!

The Stephens

KBrown's Bad Habit said...

Whew-ho! In the words of Pretty Betty...God is Good! He's a sweetpea & I honestly cannot wait to hold him! Hmm-Hm...isn't he something! Luvyabunches, me.

amy said...

Congratulations!! I'm so glad that somehow we're still on y'all's email list! Your family is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. God bless you all.

Tracy said...

Congrats! He is precious and everybody seems very excited for him to be a part of your family!
Wish I could see him in person.

Scott and Kim said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Ethan!! What a beautiful family you have. Did you ever think you would see the day... 3 precious miracles??? God is good. We are happy for all of you.

Kim & Scott